Larissa Lima and Eric Nichols: Is It Over?

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90 Day Fiance alum Larissa Lima is an absolute legend within the fandom.

Love her, hate her, or a little of both, all fans know one thing: who is against the Queen will die!

Eric Nichols is the young, hot boytoy-turned-boyfriend who has been with Larissa off and on since February 2019.

The two recently undertook a huge move together.

Now, fans worry that they've broken up ... and they just might be right.

But one of Larissa's answers to a question about OnlyFans may mean that things are better than they seem.

Take a look at the clues below and decide for yourself: are they together or is it over?

1. Did they break up?

Did they break up?
Here's why 90 Day Fiance fans think that Larissa and Eric have broken up and what Larissa has said about the relationship.

2. First, it's the ol' Instagram purge

First, it's the ol' Instagram purge
While Larissa is known for occassionally reorganizing her entire social media history, she is currently showing zero photos of Eric outside of one pic in her Stories (which we will show you in this post). And you have to scroll back for weeks and weeks to find a pic of Larissa on Eric's page.

3. Also, they unfollowed each other

Also, they unfollowed each other
Now, maybe these are just their public Instagrams -- they could both have private, anonymous Instagram accounts where they carry on as normal -- but right now, neither of their accounts appear on each other's lists of followers.

4. Larissa says ...

Larissa says ...
When a fan asked Larissa if she wants to marry Eric, she replied with one word: "No." That doesn't generally bode well for a relationship like theirs.

5. It's so weird ...

It's so weird ...
Just a week and a half ago, they were being all lovey-dovey as Larissa went through another round of cosmetic procedures with Dr. Smith.

6. Plus, they just moved!

Plus, they just moved!
It hasn't even been two months since they left Vegas for their new home in Colorado. Did they last for all of these months this year only to break up now?

7. And besides, didn't he pay for her surgery?

And besides, didn't he pay for her surgery?
Actually, that part's not true, as Larissa went on to explain in a lengthy Q&A where she also sheds some light on where things stand with Eric.

8. That "loan" that we saw on 90 Day Fiance never happened

That "loan" that we saw on 90 Day Fiance never happened
Rather, Larissa says that it was concocted to suit her storyline -- making her seem demanding and superficial -- and to build up hype for her surgery.

9. So how did she pay for it?

So how did she pay for it?
Larissa was already doing Cameos, custom videos made on demand for fans, and charging a whopping $100 per video.

10. A fan asks for TMI

A fan asks for TMI
When a followers asks Larissa how big her boyfriend's penis is, she doesn't answer directly. Her reply includes a photo of Eric (fully clothed) and a link. Before we continue, we have to note that Larissa answering this question -- this week, no less -- seems to indicate that she's identifying Eric as her boyfriend. She could have replied "I'm single."

11. The link leads here

The link leads here
To Eric's OnlyFans, where one can presumably learn the answer to all of one's anatomical questions about Eric. That said, we haven't personally explored his page, and we don't know if he's actually hanging dong or not. You may just have to pay and find out.

12. What does that mean?

What does that mean?
OnlyFans can make Eric a lot of money ... would Larissa be promoting it by linking to it to her legions of followers if they were broken up? That's the question to ponder.

13. Speaking of OnlyFans

Speaking of OnlyFans
Larissa explained that 90 Day Fiance, despite making her famous, had left her with real cash flow problems. Why? Because the show is infamous for vastly underpaying its stars. Just recently, fellow alum Ashley Martson said that she could have made more flipping burgers for Burger King -- one of many vastly underpaid jobs here in the US -- than she did on 90 Day Fiance.

14. Has OnlyFans helped?

Has OnlyFans helped?
Larissa reveals that in two weeks, she makes more on OnlyFans than she did in a year of 90 Day Fiance. While 90 Day Fiance might not pay much at all in relation to how successful the show is, but two weeks adds up a lot in a year.

15. Plus, 90 Day Fiance was hard

Plus, 90 Day Fiance was hard
Larissa notes that creating a "character" for drama and storylines was tricky, even though she was obviously very good at it.

16. She got a LOT of questions about OnlyFans

She got a LOT of questions about OnlyFans
Some followers are clearly considering starting their own. While non-celebrities face real challenges in getting noticed enough for their OnlyFans to take off, many are looking into it. Larissa says that you don't have to show your face, but you probably won't make as much if you don't.

17. You don't have to be lwed, either

You don't have to be lwed, either
Larissa herself -- as we'll get into in a moment -- doesn't consider what she's doing to be "porn." If you wanted to put on lingerie and cook gourmet food, you could launch an OnlyFans without so much as flashing a nipple. For that matter, if you think that people will tune in, you could just sit fully dressed and read the dictionary, but ... remember, you need to make sure that your content is appealing.

18. Larissa loves splitting hairs

Larissa loves splitting hairs
Remember much earlier this year when Larissa announced plans for an OnlyFans, we and others reported that she was making these porn plans, and then she countered that she's NOT doing porn? It turns out that Larissa considers "porn" to be pretty narrowly defined as explicit sex as hired by a studio. But you know what? She can label her lingerie pics however she wants.

19. Larissa does warn her fans

Larissa does warn her fans
The more popular that you are on OnlyFans, the higher the risk of your content being stolen. Sometimes, it's just horny people stealing your pics to share.

20. Sometimes, it's sabotage

Sometimes, it's sabotage
Larissa laments that 90 Day Fiance has some of the most hateful fans imaginable, and that some seem hell-bent on ruining her -- with some paying to sign up for her OnlyFans only to take the photos and spread them around to keep OTHER people from signing up. You have to really, truly hate someone to shell out $25 for their pics with this goal in mind.

21. That said ...

That said ...
Larissa shared where a fan explained that there is a larger slut-shaming culture that is not specific to 90 Day Fiance. A lot of people have the kind of brainrot that makes them hate sex workers, especially successful ones.

22. Larissa has to pay for a service ...

Larissa has to pay for a service ...
This service scans through the internet and, when it detects Larissa's stolen content, it sends a takedown notice for copyright infringement.

23. By the way ...

By the way ...
CamSoda was a one-time deal for Larissa, so don't expect her to use the site again.

24. She likes the deal with OnlyFans

She likes the deal with OnlyFans
OnlyFans takes a relatively small cut of what creators earn. If you're making a lot, it's no big deal. If you're barely making enough to get by, ti can be the difference between paying a bill and not paying a bill, but maybe getting a couple more subscribers would change that.

25. There's more to it than just posting pics and videos

There's more to it than just posting pics and videos
In addition to worrying about outfits, lighting, backdrops, and more, Larissa also puts time into interacting with her subscribers daily. It is my understanding that OnlyFans automatically filters messages so that people sending tips are seen first in any creator's inbox.

26. It takes a lot of time

It takes a lot of time
Larissa puts hours into her OnlyFans ... though it sounds like it's still less work than many would need to make the same kind of income.

27. Yay!

Though we have called out Larissa more than once for body-shaming her ex-husband, Larissa is showing some very body-positive attitudes as she encourages one fan to start an OnlyFans, correctly noting that body types that don't appear as much in mainstream porn can make a LOT of money. Where there's demand in the market, you can cash in.

28. There are positives and negatives

There are positives and negatives
Larissa hopes to educate her fans on what it's like to be an OF creator. But the only account that she directly promoted during that whole thing was Eric's. We have real questions about their relationship status, but we hope that all is well.

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