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Last month, Larissa Lima told all about a number of hot topics in her extensive interview with John Yates.

Now, Larissa is explaining what it’s really like behind the scenes on 90 Day Fiance … and warning others away from reality TV.

Larissa Lima - you are a bitch, a whore

Larissa Lima’s role on the Happily Ever After? Tell All special this year was memorable.

It also ultimately proved to be her last.

Larissa was fired in September of this year after a PG-13 livestream for CamSoda got TLC’s panties in a twist.

At the Tell All, Larissa referred to another woman as a "crocodile girl."

She correctly called out Colt for cheating on her.

But she also seemed to wage war with many different castmates.

Larissa Lima - f--k you you don't have morals

It was a little odd to see Larissa so combative with people who aren’t related to Colt.

But she clearly had some bones to pick … or did she?

According to Larissa’s Instagram Story that she shared this week, it wasn’t actually her choice to get into these fights.

“I’m thinking a lot if I should release my truth about reality television or not,” Larissa confessed this week to her Instagram followers.

She admitted: "This is a industry that is far away of family company."

Notably, it was clear that Larissa’s extremely mild foray into sex work was behind her firing — but prudishness and being family-oriented are not the same things.

Larissa Lima Laughs on Deck

"The worst part for [me] was the reunion," Larissa revealed.

She said that this was "when the producers force you to fight against other cast members."

Larissa shared that they either had to provide entertaining conflict "or you will not get a new season."

Larissa Lima Poses in White Lingerie

"Imagine you with depression, anxiety," Larissa described.

She shared that she has "been in the position to attack others cast members until someone bleed."

Larissa concluded sorrowfully: "it was heartbreaking.”

Larissa also has an upcoming interview with the Ask Marianna Blog.

"It’s kind of scary, to be honest with you," Larissa is shown to have said in a text-based teaser.

"I would want people to know what you see on the TV is not always 100 percent correct," she noted, "it’s real but things are always edit to give you a show worth entertaining to."

Larissa Lima Snaps a Selfie in Colorado Springs

We can’t say that we’ll watch all of that interview …

(the Larissa part, yes, but the interview with Avery Warner sounds skippable … Avery has been spreading outrageous voter disinformation)

… But Larissa is absolutely right, and this is something that we have noted before.

Larissa Lima in September 2020

Though we know of a couple of instances of producers prompting 90 Day Fiance stars to do or say certain things, the show is not "scripted."

It’s not scripted because it doesn’t need to be.

There are specific strategies that production uses to make sure that the stars are entertaining.

Larissa Lima in Red Lingerie

The first is casting — they cast people who fans will love to hate, people with obvious personality disorders, people of whom fans will be immediately suspicious.

In many cases, that means women of color — who are hated out of proportion to any of the male stars, including genuine scumbags.

So right from the get-go, most of the people cast are going to be ones who will produce results on camera … with a few exceptions, like stories of genuine love to balance things out.

Larissa Lima in Animal Print

The second is the pressure that Larissa describes.

Some people just want to share their simple journey for a season and that’s just fine.

Those who want to remain on TV know that they need to go above and beyond to secure a slot on any of the show’s spinoffs.

Larissa Lima Gets Playful With The Camera

The third tool is editing. Even a star who isn’t particularly cooperative or even that outrageous of a personality can be made to seem absurd or ridiculous or deranged.

How? Well think about it — even in a high pressure situation, maybe you have someone who only cries or storms out of the room a few times in a month.

But when you edit weeks of raw footage into just a few hours (which is what each couple gets per season), you can make it look like someone is always cranky, always tearful, always greedy, etc.