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Last week, we learned that Larissa Lima was fired by TLC after her sexy cam show.

Larissa is now addressing the end of her 90 Day Fiance career, and she has no regrets about her choice.

Larissa Lima in September 2020

On Monday, September 14, Larissa flaunted her new body on CamSoda.

The one-hour cam show featured Larissa rubbing her still clothed body with oil.

Despite the relatively PG-13 nature of the content, she raked in $100,000 for the site, becoming one of CamSoda’s Top 5 performers of all time.

Unfortunately, TLC was not in a celebratory mood.

It was because of Larissa’s steamy livestream that TLC fired her from 90 Day Fiance.

She had been filming for the show, and TLC ended production and canceled their contract with Larissa.

Larissa’s initial reaction after the news broke via 90 Day Fiance blogger John Yates was a simple post.

She shared that yes, her CamSoda stream prompted TLC to fire her.

Days after confirming the news to her devastated fans, however, Larissa is pointing out that it’s really not as bad as people think.

This week, Larissa shared a photo of herself on her Instagram Stories.

Her caption reads: "Money over fame," followed by a string of emojis.

In otherwords, if she must choose between the two, she would rather be making bank than continue to appear on television.

Larissa Lima Poses After Surgeries

This is her first real comment on her firing since that fairly formal confirmation.

Well, it was her first public comment.

We can only guess as to how she reacted when TLC abruptly pulled the plug on filming one of their biggest stars.

Photo via Instagram

Larissa has used this opportunity to continue to speak about the ways in which sex workers face stigmatization and discrimination.

It is likely that she never planned on being a painful example of the ways in which people joining OnlyFans or supplementing their incomes with cam work can be fired by their day jobs.

While Larissa is a polarizing and famous figure and will likely return to reality television, many people who are fired the way that she was are left in real trouble.

Larissa Lima - I feel like it's time to let the money flow

It’s no surprise to hear her say "money over fame," of course.

Larissa has never made any secret of the fact that she values material possessions and the aesthetics of wealth.

She is determined to become a millionaire. Honestly, given how much money she has made on Cameo alone, we wouldn’t be surprised if that dream comes true for her very soon.

Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, and a U-Haul

Larissa and Eric have moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado.

They set off to their new home the day after Larissa got the news.

It was that same departure date, September 19, when Larissa was detained by ICE for several frightening hours before finally being released.

Photo via Mikael Rich

In 2020, Larissa underwent five cosmetic surgeries — two in February and three in August — to transform her body.

In February, she underwent a nose job and received massive breast implants.

In August, her abdominoplasty was designed to repair damage done by giving birth. Some of the fat removed from her abdomen and thighs was included in her new, massive booty.

Larissa Lima - money money money money

Larissa’s fixation on attaining wealth has drawn an avalanche of criticism from 90 Day Fiance fans who think that she’s shallow.

Maybe she is. That’s not always a bad thing.

It looks like she’s on track to get everything that she wants. We’re rooting for her.