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Nothing ties two human beings together quite like having children.

Marriages can end, houses can be sold, but parenthood is for life.

Goodbye, Hank

So while it can be a wonderful thing a divorced celebrity couple gets back together, in many cases, it’s even better when they reach a point where they can civilly co-parent with one another.

And thankfully, after many years of ups and downs and tabloid-fodder drama, it seems like two fan favorites are at that point.

Kendra and Hank, Back in the Day

Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett have been up, they’ve been down, and they’ve been celebrity gossip staples.

It’s been a roller coaster that’s stranger than fiction, but these days, they’ve reached a happy medium of sorts.

Which is probably why Kendra would never risk it by doing something stupid and getting back together with Hank.

Kendra Wilkinson and Kids Make Silly Faces

Last we checked in on her, Kendra was saying that she forgives Hank for some of the actions that led to their split.

At the same time, she has zero interest in rekindling their relationship.

Fortunately, it looks as though she’s held firm on that stance.

Kendra Wilkinson in 2020

“Kendra is over that chapter of her life,” a source close to the situation tells the entertainment magazine In Touch.

The insider adds that the former Playboy centerfold is not dating anyone these days, so cool your jets, fellas.

K-Dubs is “going through a phase where she doesn’t care about a relationship and her head is just not in that space right now.”

Kendra Wilkinson to Close 2018

When her head is back in that space, we have no doubt there will be plenty of interested parties.

But again, don’t hold your breath.

"She has her kids every other week and is super engaged with them," the insider explained.

Kendra Wilkinson and Kids Before Christmas, 2018

Kendra and Hank have two kids together – 10-year-old Hank IV, and 6-year-old Alijah. Says the insider:

"On her weeks off, she goes hiking and on walks and is focused on her real estate career." 

Yes, there is life after the entertainment world – for both the former reality star and ex-NFL star.

Wilkinson and Hank

They were married for nine years before finalizing their divorce in 2018 following Baskett’s cheating scandal.

(The details of which we won’t dig up here, but are deeply familiar to those who remember that incident.)

"I will forever love Hank and be open, but for now, we have chosen to go our own ways," Kendra wrote on Instagram.

The New Kendra Wilkinson

"I’m beyond sad and heartbroken," she admits.

"Because I did believe in forever; that’s why I said yes but unfortunately, too much fear has gotten in the way."

"We are both amazing parents, and our kids will be happy n never know the difference other than seeing mama smile." 

Kendra on a Beach

These days, as our insider noted earlier, Kendra is making her living in the bustling SoCal real estate market.

Over the summer she wrote on social media that he has "always had a huge interest" in real estate and she passed her realtors’ exam on the first try.

Kendra recently signed on with The Agency Beverly Hills, where her new boss is none other than Kyle Richards’ husband Mauricio Umansky.

Kendra Wilkinson Brunette Pic

She also noted that "as a single mother," she needs to "work like everyone on earth, and my intentions are pure." 

"I am in the process of learning and building, and with the coronavirus, it’s been challenging at times," she added.

"I have nobody helping me but me. So it’s time to pop the collar n make things happen."

Kendra, Hank, Kids

Well, it’s harder than ever for a single mom to support a family these days for a number of reasons. No doubt about that.

Fortunately, Kendra isn’t allowing economic anxiety to force her back into a situation that she knows is unhealthy.

We wish her and Hank both the best.