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Kate Gosselin has officially moved on from her former life.

First, of course, she divorced husband Jon back in 2009.

Then, more recently, she cut off contact with two of her kids, daughter Hannah and son Collin.

Kate, Kids
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And now?

The ex-TLC personality has sold the home in which she raised her eight children.

According to TMZ insiders, Gosselin found a buyer for her 23-acre estate in Pennsylvania … the same residence that was featured way back in the day on Jon & Kate Plus 8.

The house sold for $1.3 million and she purchased it 12 yearsr ago for $1.1 million — so that’s not a terrible profit!

Kate Gosselin Sux
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The mansion has six bedrooms and seven bathrooms, along with a swimming pool and waterslide.

It also, of course, is chock full of memories, which explains why Hannah was allegedly irate at her mother for putting it on the market.

During an appearance on The Dr. Oz Show last week, Jon Gosselin told viewers that the 16-year old was left distressed and depressed not only because her mom put this house up for sale…

… but because she never even told her daughter she had done so.

Kate Gosselin: A Photo
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“Her house is listed, and she didn’t even notify Hannah that she was moving,” the 43-year old father of eight said on air, adding that Hannah only learned of this potential home sale via “text message.”

To be clearr, we can’t verify this information.

Jon isn’t the most reliable narrator when it comes to his ex-wife, who is has often accused of emotionally abusing Collin by sending him away to a special needs facility at the age of 13.

Jon has since said Kate has no contact at all with this son.

Jon Gosselin on New Years
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Kate, for her part, believes that Jon assaulted Collin back in September.

Following reports of the police showing up at Jon’s house in response to a call from Collin that his dad had struck him, Kate told People Magazine that Jon is a violent person.

"Enough is enough," she told this publication, alleging that their kids should not be anywhere near their father.

Jon, for his part, has explained that he only argued with Collin and then used a restraint on the teenager when he tried to run away.

Jon Gosselin: A Selfie
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“I’m trying to play catch up," Jon told Dr. Oz of the supposed PTSD from which Collin suffers as a result of what Kate did to him.

"[Collin] lost three years of his life because he was institutionalized wrongly by his mother.

"[Collin] was not educated during that time, which is against the law. His mother could be in trouble for that.”

Gosselins on the Beach
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What does Jon think of Kate speaking to People Magazine about the ordeal?

"She wants to be famous," he said on the aforementioned talk show several days ago, concluding simply:

"She suffers from narcissistic personality disorder."