Joy-Anna Duggar Admits to Depression, Prompts Concern Among Fans

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It's not easy being a Duggar woman.

Even as adults, they're not permitted to have any goals or desires of their own, and they're assigned to the role of endlessly making babies and supporting their husbands as the men pursue their dreams.

Joy-Anna Duggar: Struggling With Post-Partum Depression

Some of Jim Bob's daughters seem more suited to this sort of subservient role than others, and many felt that Joy-Anna would adapt to her husband's expectations without issue.

But it now looks as though that might not be the case.

In a surprise move, Joy quit Counting On earlier this year.

Joy-Anna Duggar Embraced from Behind by Austin Forsyth

She's said very little about the decision publicly, and it was assumed that she preferred to focus on the duties of being a wife and mother without the distractions of a camera crew in her home.

But now, fans are fearful that there might be a more serious motive behind Joy's decision.

And some have even gone so far as to diagnose her with post-partum depression.

Austin Forsyth at Home

Joy welcomed her second child earlier this year, and ever since, she's been keeping a relatively low profile -- by Duggar standards.

Sure, Joy still posts to Instagram, but it hasn't been the usual onslaught of baby pics that we've come to expect when a Duggar welcomes a new lil blessing.

The mother of two posted the above photo or her husband and son earlier this week, and many fans grew concerned over what they felt was an admission that she's unhappy.

Joy-Anna and Kids

“This week has been good. A week of refocusing, trying to get out of the rut of ‘just getting through the day’ and being purposeful in my marriage and raising my kids," Joy captioned the photo.

“I love these people and the life we made together!” she added.

It sounds to us as though Joy found herself mired in the doldrums of daily routine for a while there -- something that happens to most people from time to time.

Joy-Anna Duggar with the Cradle

But some of her followers are convinced there's something more serious going on.

“I can’t snark on this, it seems like PPD," one commenter wrote.

“I read that as she is getting out of the newborn stage with Evy. I hope she doesn’t have PPD though,” another added.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Baby

Another suggested that the problem is not mental illness, but the Duggar way of life:

“That’s what happens when your entire identity and purpose is wife and mother, get a job, take a class, volunteer, get a hobby," they commented.

"Most people need more in their life than this.”

Another possibility is that Joy was feeling depressed about the results of the presidential election, as like most of her family members, she's an ardent Donald Trump supporter.

In recent weeks, Joy has spent a considerable amount of time posting on Parler, which bills itself as "social networking service that has a significant user base of Trump supporters and conservatives."

Perhaps that solves the mystery.

Spending time on a social media site where people spew BS conspiracy theories non-stop would be enough to make anyone depressed!

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