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Jon Gosselin simply refuses to go away.

In the wake of accusations that he assaulted his 16-year old son, Collin, in early September, the former reality star has spoken to a number of outlets to not only deny this incident ever took place…

Two Gosselins
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… but to also throw as much shade as possible at his famous ex-wife, Kate Gosselin.

The most recent case in point was an appearance this week on The Dr. Oz Show.

The father of eight went into extreme detail with the host in regard to what happened between him and Collin two months ago, explaining that the teenager called the cops after he and his dad got into an argument.

Yes, Jon says, he laid his hands on Collin at the time.

But only to restrain him from running away.

Jon Gosselin on New Years
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"He tried to push past me and we got entangled and I had to do a restraint on him," Jon said of an altercation that went viral late this summer.

Emphasizing he’s "never" been violent with any of his kids, Jon added on air that Collin was acting "manic" and said:

“I’ve only done these physical restraints and they’re the hardest thing because I’m not that kind of person.

"And I physically have to touch someone and touch someone I love to protect me and anyone else around in case things get out of hand.”

Jon Gosselin, Collin and Hannah
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In other excerpts from this same television interview, Jon blamed his ex-wife for sending Collin away to a special needs treatment center years ago.

He also claimed that Kate has absolutely no relationship with the 16-year old.

“I saw Kate in court last year," Jon told Dr. Oz.

"Collin….in five years she’s had an hour and a half [of] contact with him."

Dumb Gosselins

Jon has had temporary custody of Collin since late 2018, and daughter Hannah also lives with the pair in Pennsylvania.

On multiple occasions, he’s blamed Kate for giving his son PTSD and has even alleged that Kate was the one to abuse Collin back in the day.

“I’m trying to play catch up," Jon said on air this week.

"[Collin] lost three years of his life because he was institutionalized wrongly by his mother.

"[Collin] was not educated during that time, which is against the law. His mother could be in trouble for that.”

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Jon went on to say that Kate sent Collin away to the aforementioned facility without the young man ever having been diagnosed with any syndrome or disease.

Collin has been diagnosed now, Jon alleges, but he didn’t provide any specifics.

“We have a team of people – two therapists, in-home therapy, family therapy. Plus he has a psychiatrist, a nurse practitioner," Jon told Dr. Oz of Colliin.

"It’s a whole team and organizations working towards it. He’s starting to realize people are behind him, but he has to realize and accept what God has given him.

"And the environment which he came out of."

Jon Gosselin and Son Collin
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Kate, for her part, blasted the heck out of Jon to People Magazine after the incident with Collin, labeling her ex-husband as violent and abusive and saying their kids should be kept far away from him.

"She wanted to ride the coattails of this article," Jon said to Dr. Oz of his ex talking to that outlet.

"She wants to be famous.

"She suffers from narcissistic personality disorder."