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For the saddest of reasons, Kate Gosselin and Jon Gosselin are making it feel like 2011 all over again these days.

The former husband and wife — who starred for years together on TLC’s Jon and Kate Plus 8, prior to divorcing in 2009 and trashing each other left and right in a multitude of interviews — are back at it.

They’re back to dragging each other in public.

This time, however, they’re doing so because their 16-year old son may have been assaulted by his father.

YIKES, right?

Late last week, it came out that Pennsylvania authorities were looking into allegations made by Collin Gosselin that his dad punched him, threw him to the ground and kicked him in the ribs.

According to a People Magazine source, father and son got into a verbal argument while in the car.

Jon Gosselin on New Years
Photo via Instagram

It then escalated to a dangerous place once they got back home.

"Jon got out of the car enraged, put him in a headlock, punched him square in the nose, and when Collin fell to the ground, then he kicked him in the ribs," this insider said.

Collin then called the cops (which has been verified), who arrived on the scene and talked to the involved parties and, yes, Jon has admitted, passed the case along to the Berks County Children & Youth Services (CYS).

For his part, Jon has said that he’s innocent and that he only restrained Collin, who made up the assault story because he wasn’t getting his way.

Jon Gosselin, Collin and Hannah
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Kate, however, isn’t buying it.

The veteran reality star and mother of eight has already said she’s horrified by Jon’s alleged actions.

Now, meanwhile, she has once again gone off on her ex-husband.

"I am done hiding and will say this unequivocally: Jon is a violent and abusive person,” Kate just told People Magazine.

Kate Gosselin Sux
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Kate told this same publication that she “learned of this incident from CYS, and through them I was then read multiple reports — from the police report, to Collin’s statement to the police, to the account of an adult eyewitness.

"They were all very similar, if not identical…

"If this doesn’t qualify as assault, I don’t know what does."

Kate, of course, is presuming the accusations are true.

Kate Gosselin Recoils in Horror
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Jon, though, talked to The Daily Mail last week and said daughter Hannah witnessed his interactions with Collin and said to police that no abuse had occurred.

Berks County D.A. John Adams, meanwhile, previously told People:

“No charges or citations were filed as a result of that incident. We are not investigating at this point.”

Gosselins on the Beach
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If it means anything, Collin spent multiple years in a special needs facility for reasons that were never made clear.

He’s been residing with his dad for almost two years now and reportedly has no contact with his mother.

Jon, who may not exactly be a reliable narrator, said a few days ago that Kate and Collin have had no contact for about five years.

"The reason Collin is struggling with mental illness is because she abused him," Jon told The Daily Mail, adding:

"He has PTSD because of her. So I’m not going to sit back and not defend myself or my family."

Jon Gosselin in St. Croix

Jon and Kate are parents to twin daughters Cara and Madelyn, 19, and 16-year-old sextuplets Alexis, Aaden, Joel, Leah, Hannah and Collin.

The family shot to reality TV stardom in 2007 with their TLC series, Jon & Kate Plus 8.

Kate told People that she has remained quiiet about what she describes as Jon’s "delusional ramblings" and past accusations of physical abuse, but now must speak out — LOUDLY.

"The police need to do their jobs. I am so sick of Jon’s abuse being disguised as everything but," she says. "I don’t want my children around him. Enough is enough."

Jon Gosselin and Collin Gosselin, First Day of High School

Elsewhere, in a rare interview, Pamela Gosselin jumped to her son’s defense this week.

"I am appalled that a mother who has abused her children has the nerve to accuse Jon. She is the cause of my grandson’s pain," Jon’s mother told The Sun.

"She has made false statements about Jon and the very worst part is she has always been the abusive parent.

"Anyone who knows both Kate and Jon as parents also knows she is the perpetrator of this."

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Collin’s grandmother also talked openly about what she claims to be her grandson’s struggles with mental illness.

"He has been through pain and we as a family have given him not stop unconditional love. When he is angry we are patient and do the best we can because we understand what he has endured.

"The years of being institutionalized and isolated from those that love him most have caused long term pain.

"My family fought to save Collin from a terrible situation and brought him home so we could love him and care for him and get him the help he need."