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There’s no bigger news in the Duggars’ world than the arrival of a new baby.

Usually, the new mom can’t wait to post pics of her latest bundle of joy for the benefit of her millions of Instagram followers.

Jinger Duggar Drinks Coffee ... While Pregnant!

But Jinger Duggar is a different breed.

Sure, it’s a little ironic that the Duggar daughter who moved to LA is the one who’s least interested in the spotlight, but Jinger is unique from her siblings in a number of important ways.

She hasn’t quit Counting On like Joy-Anna, but she doesn’t share every detail of her life on Instagram like most of her grown-up siblings.

Photo via TLC

It’s for that reason that fans are under the impression that Jinger recently gave birth, but has decided to hold off on making the announcement.

We learned over the weekend that some members of the Duggar clan are currently in Los Angeles visiting Jinger and Jeremy.

Last we checked, Jinger was pregnant with her second child, so it’s safe to assume that she’s already gave birth or is about to.

Jinger and Jeremy, Podcast Hosts

Yes, the Duggars think the coronavirus is a hoax, but we still doubt that they’d make the Arkansas to Los Angeles trip twice during a pandemic.

Anyway, we don’t know exactly which Duggars made the westward trek, but we know that 11-year-old Jordyn was there, and it’s safe to assume she didn’t pilot the RV on her own.

"Happy Sunday from me and the lil homie Jordyn," Jeremy captioned the pic below.

Photo via Instagram

"Awwww is family in town to help welcome baby?" one commenter asked.

"Does this mean baby girl is here, since family is in town?" a second inquired.

Neither Jinger nor Jeremy responded to the requests for more details, but we do know that they’re very, very eager to welcome baby Amelia (which is reportedly the name they’ve chosen for theit second daughter).

Jinger Is Ready to Give Birth

"We’ve heard rumors of a salad that puts you into labor…" Jinger captioned the photo above.

No word yet on whether the magical salad worked, but if Jinger went straight to the hospital after lunch, then she owes that restaurant an endorsement!

The couple announced the pregnancy back in March, and at the same time, they revealed that Jinger had previously suffered a miscarriage.

Gazing at Jinger
Photo via Instagram

"We found out about three months ago, but we decided to wait a bit longer, perhaps than normal, because of the miscarriage," Jeremy said at the time.

Based on the Duggar presence in LA and the lack of response from Jinger and Jeremy, we think it’s safe to assume that little Amelia may have made her arrival.

But it’s possible that Jinger is still eating special salads and pacing around her LA crib in hopes of hastening the big moment.

Jinger Duggar and Fam
Photo via Instagram

Whatever the case, we wish her and Jeremy all the best.

And here’s hoping Jinger’s family is taking all the necessary precautions.

After all, Jim Bob may be convinced the pandemic is some sort of liberal hoax, but 13 million sick Americans might beg to differ.