Jinger Duggar: PREGNANT With Baby #2!

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Jinger Duggar has some rather exciting news to announce.

It's also some blessed news and special news, and the sort of news she wasn't sure she'd be able to share with fans ever again.

And that news is this, if our headline didn't give it away:


We know how far along she is, we know what gender the baby will be... and we could not be more excited for her and her family.

We also now know something very unfortunate about the reality star, along with some major professional news that will affect her.

Yup, she revealed a LOT today, and all of this will be of interest to the Vuolo family's millions of supporters across the country.

Scroll down to learn this information for yourself and to join us in wishing the couple the best on this truly blessed day ...

1. Together ... Forever!

Together ... Forever!
We're sure they will be, but Jinger and Jeremy have only been married for three-plus years. They tied the knot on November 5, 2016. Immediately, fans began clamoring for news that they were starting a family.

2. Parents of 1 ... For Now

Parents of 1 ... For Now
Fans had to wait a long time by Duggar standards, but Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo delivered ... literally, in her case. They are parents to a beautiful young daughter named Felicity. The little girl is almost two years old now. My how they grow up so fast!

3. And Now?

And Now?
That's reason we're here today, as you've surely picked up on by now. THG is beyond thrilled to report that the couple is adding to its immediate family, Jinger has told People Magazine.

4. The Big News!

The Big News!
“We are so excited,” Jinger tells the celebrity news magazine. “Felicity is going to have to have a sister. Everything looks great with the baby. We're so thankful. Had a lot of check-ups and we’re just really, really excited.”

5. How Does Felicity Feel About the Pending Addition?

How Does Felicity Feel About the Pending Addition?
“We told her, but she doesn't quite understand everything yet,” Jinger says. “Not being 2 yet, but she, she comes up to my belly and says, ‘Baby. Baby.’” (How precious is that??)

6. How Far Along is She?

How Far Along is She?
15 weeks ... far enough along to know that ...

7. What is She Having?

What is She Having?
It's a girl! Another girl! Sisters! OMG!

8. The Really Big Reveal

The Really Big Reveal
As if the baby news weren't enough, Jinger and Jeremy also opened up about something deeply personal we never knew about but many suspected. The couple now reveal that they suffered devastating miscarriage last fall. This is the first time they've talked about it in public.

9. That's Just Awful

That's Just Awful
"The morning after we announced to family that we were expecting, Jinger woke up and, woke me up very early in the morning, saying that she thought she lost the baby,” Jeremy tells the celebrity news and entertainment publication. “We found out later that day that she had. That was very difficult and definitely a trial for us.”

10. How Did They Cope?

How Did They Cope?
Added Jinger of the tragedy: “In those times when your faith is tried, you just run to God all the more. We were just praying together talking with family, had friends at our church here that just surrounded us. It was such a hard time, but Jer just really supported me, and it was just such a tremendous blessing to have many people who loved on us in that difficulty.”

11. Jinger Isn't Alone

Jinger Isn't Alone
Not at all. Across the world, of course, one in four women have suffered a miscarriage. Closer to home, and within her own family, Lauren Duggar has opened up in the past about her personal pregnancy tragedy.

12. Joy-Anna Duggar, Too

Joy-Anna Duggar, Too
Joy-Anna announced in March 2020 that she's expecting, nine months after also suffering a miscarriage alongside husband Austin.

13. On a Positive Note

On a Positive Note
The couple is mourning that loss but looking ahead to this blessing. “Having that little one healthy in the womb, and growing strong, is so exciting,” Jeremy says in this interview.

14. Personal News AND Professional News

Personal News AND Professional News
As part of this huge reveal, Jinger and Jeremy also said the couple’s emotional ups and downs will be a part of the new season of Counting On... which premieres next month and which will chronicle their life in Los Angeles.

15. California Dreamin' ... and Livin'

California Dreamin' ... and Livin'
“Jinger and I both love more of the hustle and bustle,” Jeremy says of the couple's move from Laredo, Texas, to Los Angeles, a move that surely caused Jim Bob Duggar's head to explode. "Moving from a small town in Texas has actually been something we both really took to and enjoyed, and felt right at home pretty quickly.”

16. Amazing! So When Does Counting On Return?

Amazing! So When Does Counting On Return?
Counting On, the strangely named and surprisingly long-lasting iteration of the show formerly known as 19 Kids & Counting that was briefly canned by the network in the wake of the Josh Duggar sex scandals, will debut withj new episodes on June 30 at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.

17. We Knew It!

We Knew It!
As you can see here, plenty of Duggar family followers and fans have been speculating about Jinger's pregnancy and expecting this news to break for a little while.

18. Really. We Knew It!

Really. We Knew It!
The topic has been a frequent one to discuss and debate on Reddit, where card carrying members of Duggar Nation gather en masse to discuss the biggest little family in Tontitown (and Los Angeles).

19. Fatherhood FTW!

Fatherhood FTW!
Clearly it suits them, this whole parenting thing. In early April, Jeremy took to Instagram to share a photo of him and 21-month-old daughter Felicity, writing at the time: “I had no idea how amazing being a dad would be."

20. No, Really, for ALL the Wins!

No, Really, for ALL the Wins!
Seriously, y'all, he is into it. On April 24, Jeremy shared a similar sentiment when he posted a family photo that included both his little girl and wife Jinger. “A lot of people told me it would be good, but no one told me it would be this good,” he said.

21. Congrats, You Two!

Congrats, You Two!
We're so very psyched for Jeremy and Jinger, we wish the latter a healthy and happy pregnancy and we can't wait to meet their next little one! The Duggar family continues to grow and while some of the family members have drawn criticism for their life choices over the years, the bottom line is that we simply could not be happier for all of these blessings.

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