Jinger Duggar: Check Out My Growing Baby Bump!

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Yup, it's true.

And, yes, you better believe it's glorious.

Just hours after Jinger Duggar and her husband confirmed they were expecting a second child, the reality star posted a photo of her baby bump on Instagram:

Jinger Bump

Jinger and Jeremy, who share a two-year old daughter named Felicity, originally revealed their blessed news to People Magazine, with Jinger telling the publication:

"We are so excited. Everything looks great with the baby. We're so thankful. Had a lot of check-ups and we're just really, really excited."

Duggar said she's 15 weeks along and also shocked fans by revealing that she suffered a miscarriage prior to successfully trying against with Jeremy.

"The morning after we announced to family that we were expecting, Jinger woke up and, woke me up very early in the morning, saying that she thought she lost the baby," Jeremy told to the entertainment news source. 

"We found out later that day that she had. That was very difficult and definitely a trial for us."

Just so tragic all around.

Jinger said that her belief in God helped her cope with this tragedy, while we'd have to imagine she also relied on relatives Lauren Duggar and Joy-Anna Duggar, both of whom have also suffered miscarriages.

"We were just praying together talking with family, had friends at our church here that just surrounded us," Jinger said of the experience.

"It was such a hard time, but Jer just really supported me, and it was just such a tremendous blessing to have many people who loved on us in that difficulty."

Jinger Duggar with Jeremy

Duggar and Vuolo have seen their marriage questioned of late, but they certainly put on a united front upon announcing this pregnancy to the world.

"We are so excited to announce that we’re expecting a little girl this November!" Jinger wrote this afternoon as a caption to the baby bump photo above, adding:

"Jeremy and I both guessed it was a girl, just a gut feeling we had. And we couldn’t be happier."

How does Felicity feel about her future sibling?

In Love with Jeremy

"We told her, but she doesn't quite understand everything yet. Not being 2 yet, but she, she comes up to my belly and says, 'Baby. Baby,'" Jinger told People, elaborating as follows on Instagram:

The bond that sisters share is unique, and one I cherish every day. After all these years, they’re still my best friends! I’m glad God’s giving that gift for Felicity to enjoy.

As for me and Jeremy, we’ll definitely have our hands full! But there’s nothing else we’d rather carry.

Jinger Duggar Baby Announcement

Jeremy, meanwhile, shared this professional picture of the family making its announcement, writing as a caption to it:

And then there were four… Felicity’s recruited a little sister to join her squad!

Recently, she’s been practicing her big-sistering on dolls, cradling and shushing them to sleep. Pretty soon, she’ll be holding a real baby. But she’s ready, and so are we.

Life is beautiful! We are praising God for this precious little gift.

Jinge and Jer on the 'Gram

No word yet from Jinger's parents, causing us to wonder whether Jim Bob really has disowned his daughter for moving to Los Angeles.

But that's a question for another day.

This is cause simply for a statement, and that statement goes like this:


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