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Not surprisingly, the outcome of Jed Duggar’s race for the Arkansas State House was a bit overshadowed by other news stories that emerged that same week.

Sadly, despite all the blue-and-red map poking that occurred in early November, neither John King nor Steve Kornacki found a moment to zoom in on Arkansas’ 89th district for a look at the highly-anticipated contest between Jed and Democratic incumbent Megan Godfrey. For shame!

Jed Duggar
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So it might be a little later than expected, but — courtesy of our friends at Starcasm — we finally have the results of Jed’s first foray into the political arena.

And if you’re critical of the Duggar family — or even just the idea of a privileged 21-year-old with no experience carpetbagging his way across the state in search of a cushy job — then you’re gonna love this one.

Arkansas, as you probably know, is a state that’s redder than a communist uprising at a Heinz bottling plant.

Jed Duggar Dot Com
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And yet, Jed, the ultra-conservative Republican candidate, got his ass absolutely handed to him by a female Dem schoolteacher who’s currently earning her PhD.

We guess this is a big victory not only for sanity over absurdity, but also for traditional education over … whatever the hell sort of book learnin’ the Duggars pick up when they’re not staging scenes for Counting On or shoveling tater-tot casserole down their gullets.

Now, we’ve known for quite some time that Jed lost his race, but it wasn’t until this week that we realized how badly he lost.

Jed Duggar and Jeremiah Duggar
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According to the tally reported by Northwest Arkansas news station KNWA, Godfrey defended her seat by taking home 56.3 percent of the vote to Jed’s 43.7 percent.

To put that in perspective, when Representative Godfrey won her seat back in 2018, she did so with a margin of victory of just .78 percent.

As a highly-educated Dem living in Arkansas, she probably never imagined she’d enjoy a victory as decisive as the one she just pulled off over Jed.

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Washington County, Arkansas still went red in the presidential race, but the R next to Jed’s name didn’t help him much.

In 2018, Godfrey won by a razor-thin margin of just 29 votes.

She demolished Jed by nearly 700 votes, which is quite a gap when you’re talking about an area as sparsely-populated as this one.

To his credit, Jed handled the loss graciously and announced that he would be praying for his opponent.

That’s nice and all, but old Jedediah might want to devote a little time to praying for himself, as well.

After all, Jim Bob is not a fan of humiliation, and losses like that are how you wind up living in a windowless warehouse out back, alongside Josh Duggar!