Jedidiah Duggar Announces Run For Arkansas House of Representatives: I'm Even More Conservative Than Jim Bob, Y'all!

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Well, we knew the day would come when the next generation of Duggars would follow Jim Bob's lead and run for public office.

We just didn't think the first one to throw his hat in the ring would be only a few months out of his teens.

For a long time, it looked as though Josh Duggar would enter the political arena, but a handful of sex scandals derailed his career while he was still in the lobbyist stage.

And so, Josh is in exile (read: selling used cars in rural Arkansas), and it's his brother Jedidiah who's taken up the mantel of public service.

This week, 20-year-old Jed announced that he's running for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

The election is still a year away, but thanks to Jed's status as a member of reality TV's most controversial family, his campaign is already gaining a lot of attention.

Take a look:

1. Jed!

Jed announced this week that he's running for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives. If he's smart, he'll learn from the mistakes of that OTHER Jed from a famous family and avoid exclamation marks on his campaign signs.

2. Jedsite

Jed's official campaign site launched this week, and you probably won't be surprised to learn the scion of Jim Bob leans HARD to the right in his policy positions.

3. Facing the Issues

Facing the Issues
You want issues? Jed's got 'em! His site lays out his stance on seven hot-button topics, and you better believe Jed's got strong opinions about God and guns.

4. The Resume

The Resume
School? Who's got time for it? Jed may have not have spent much (or any) time in a classroom ... or the military ... or even in a full-time job (no, being the nominal head of one of your dad's car lots doesn't count) -- but he worked on a state senator's campaign for a couple months last year!

5. Life? Jed's In Favor of It

Life? Jed's In Favor of It
To the surprise of absolutely no one, Jed is vehemently pro-life. He threw "100%" in there, so it's safe to assume he opposes abortion even in cases of rape, incest, or medical issues that might threaten the mother's life. Definitely the kind of decision you want a 20-year-old virgin to make for you.

6. Nothing Says "Pro-Life" Like an Assault Weapon!

Nothing Says "Pro-Life" Like an Assault Weapon!
Not surprisingly, Jed is also big on guns. It's a passion that led him to enlist in the US -- oh, wait ... like the rest of the Duggars, Jed talks a big game about patriotism but has never considered serving in the military.

7. Vets? You Bet!

Vets? You Bet!
Jed led a worship service in a local home for veterans, which is commendable. We don't know if 4 years equates to "many years," as Jed claims here, but maybe that's splitting hairs,

8. Christians In Arkansas: A Tale of Persecution

Christians In Arkansas: A Tale of Persecution
Like so many other evangelical politicians, Jed uses phrases like "religious liberty" as code words to mean "I will fight tirelessly to turn this country into a theocracy and outlaw all religions other than Christianity."

9. Jesus, Take the Pills

Jesus, Take the Pills
Like many Americans, Jed is also concerned about the opioid crisis. But unlike anyone who understands the physical and psychological foundations of addiction, he thinks "faith-based" treatment programs are the answer.

10. Taxes: Blech!

Taxes: Blech!
It's anyone's guess as to how Jed's gonna pay for that increase in treatment programs, as he's also promising lower taxes across the board.

11. Jobs Galore

Jobs Galore
Jed is also promising a hiring boom in Northwest Arkansas. We assume that means he wants to offer enough tax breaks to Wal-Mart to convince them to open a new store in the area.

12. A Proud Tradition

A Proud Tradition
At just 20 years old, Jed might seem a little young to be running for office, but the Duggars have always harbored political ambitions.

13. A Promising Start

A Promising Start
From 1999 to 2002, Jim Bob served in the Arkansas House of Representatives for District 6.

14. Undone By Ambition

Undone By Ambition
After his one term, in the state house, JB ran unsuccessfully in the Republican primary election for the United States Senate. He was defeated by the incumbent Senator Tim Hutchinson

15. Moving On

Moving On
Following his landslide defeat in that election, Jim Bob stepped away from politics to focus on a career in reality television. But those who know him best say he always hoped his sons would follow in his footsteps and run for office.

16. Derailed By Scandal

Derailed By Scandal
Josh was the first of Jim Bob's kids to take up the mantel by becoming a lobbyist for a conservative Christian group in DC -- but we all know how that turned out.

17. The Picture of Disgrace

The Picture of Disgrace
In 2015, the world learned that -- while he was still a teen -- Josh molested five young girls, four of whom were his sisters.

18. A Family Conspiracy

A Family Conspiracy
Josh was only able to avoid prosecution with the help of his parents, who kept his crimes a secret for years.

19. The End

The End
Josh retired from politics and returned to Arkansas to run one of his dad's car lots (another Duggar tradition!). But the scandals didn't end there.

20. The Black Sheep

The Black Sheep
Shortly thereafter, it was revealed that the married father of five had used the affair-facilitating website Ashley Madison in order to find willing cheating partners.

21. Zero Consequences

Zero Consequences
Not only did Josh avoid jail time for his crimes, his family's media empire was virtually unaffected by the scandal.

22. What the Future Holds

What the Future Holds
But will the Duggars' scandalous history hurt Jed's chances of being elected to public office?

23. Probably Not

Though their immediate neighbors object to Jim Bob's efforts to buy up the entire town, the Duggars remain well-liked in Arkansas.

24. Jim Bob's Legacy

Jim Bob's Legacy
And so, Jim Bob will probably get his wish of seeing one of his sons win an election.

25. Just the Beginning

Just the Beginning
And with 18 siblings, you can bet Jed won't be the last Duggar to run for office!

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