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Well, we knew the day would come when the next generation of Duggars would follow Jim Bob’s lead and run for public office.

We just didn’t think the first one to throw his hat in the ring would be only a few months out of his teens.

For a long time, it looked as though Josh Duggar would enter the political arena, but a handful of sex scandals derailed his career while he was still in the lobbyist stage.

And so, Josh is in exile (read: selling used cars in rural Arkansas), and it’s his brother Jedidiah who’s taken up the mantel of public service.

This week, 20-year-old Jed announced that he’s running for a seat in the Arkansas House of Representatives.

The election is still a year away, but thanks to Jed’s status as a member of reality TV’s most controversial family, his campaign is already gaining a lot of attention.

Take a look: