Josh & Anna Duggar: Living in Filthy Warehouse on Jim Bob's Land [PHOTOS]

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Back in February, we reported that Josh Duggar was living in a warehouse on his father's property with his wife and six children.

Now, those rumors have been inadvertently confirmed by TLC.

Josh, Anna Duggar Birthday Party

On this week's episode of Counting On, the Duggars surprised John-David's then-fiancee, Abbie Burnett, with a pop-up bridal shop that they set up in what was described as a "guest home" on Jim Bob's property.

But Duggar fans - and critics - are an observant bunch, and they quickly pieced together that the building was not for guests at all.

Rather, it serves as a makeshift home for Josh, his wife Anna Duggar, and their kids.

Josh and Anna's Kids at Home

As The Sun reports, by comparing the interior shots from the episode to photos posted online by Anna, viewers were able to confirm that Josh and his family are living in a converted storage shed not far from Jim Bob and Michelle's "big house."

Fans noted that the walls, floor, countertops and decor all matched the photos on Anna's Instagram, which -- rather suspiciously, in retrospect -- features no exterior photos of the home she shares with Josh.

Clearly, Josh and Anna went to great lengths to conceal the nature of their living situation only to blow it for one segment on Counting On.

Josh Duggar's House

This is a difficult situation on which to comment.

On the one hand, Josh Duggar is a child molester who deserves just about every unfortunate thing that happens to him.

But on the other hand, his wife and children have suffered enough, and they certainly don't deserve to be ridiculed for their living situation.

Josh's House on Counting On

The good news is, there's nothing substandard or dangerous about the family's living conditions.

Josh has just fallen a long way from the penthouse he and Anna shared in his days as a high-powered D.C. lobbyist.

So it's an embarrassment for Josh, but since most of his kids weren't even born at the time of his short-lived career in Washington, we doubt they're overly affected by the change in lifestyle.

Inside Josh and Anna's House

The other reason not to be too concerned for Josh's kids is the fact that the family seems to be financially secure, and it looks as though their living situation is temporary.

Shortly after the Josh Duggar sex scandals of 2015, he and Anna moved into a farmhouse near his family.

In the summer of 2019, they sold the property for $285,000.

Josh Duggar and His Wife

Property records indicate that in October of 2016, Jim Bob bought a house for $325,000, and after three years of renovation work, he sold it to an LLC in Anna’s name, for $257,078 in June of 2019.

Unfortunately, it seems Jim Bob's crew made the house worse, not better, and Josh and Anna decided it wasn't up to their standards.

Josh and Anna Duggar Family Photo

“The home has no finished work, it’s a shell," an insider told The Sun at the time.

“Jim Bob and Michelle bought a different house up there and flipped it for $1 million or something."

"This house was built by the same people," he added.

Duggar Double Date

Concludes the insider: “Somebody else who bought it from them is trying to sell it for way too high.”

In other words, don't feel too bad for Josh and Anna.

In all likelihood, their current situation is just a temporary fix while they seek out something more permanent.

Anna, Josh, Baby

Sure, they might have lost some easy income when Josh was fired by TLC, but Arkansas has a very low cost of living.

The fact that these two are still setting up LLCs and flipping houses is a reminder that they're pretty high up on the totem pole.

It could be a heck of a lot worse, anyway.

Josh and Anna Duggar as Kids

Sure, they have six kids to provide for, and they've fallen quite far from the innocent days of their youth.

Yet the Duggars remain one of the state's most affluent families, and none of Jim Bob's kids will ever starve.

They may have to live their lives under his thumb, but that's another matter entirely ...

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