David Eason Accused of Brandishing Loaded Handgun Near 3-Year-Old Daughter

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We've always known that David Eason is a very, very angry man, but we're just now beginning to realize how frightened he is.

It seems David is so terrified of the world around him that he won't step outside his home unless he's armed.

David, Ensley, a Chicken

As we learned this week, even when David makes a routine run to his local grocery store in the middle of the day, he wears a handgun on his hip.

What exactly is he afraid of?

Well, it's tough to say.

David Eason With Kittens

For all the trash he talks, we've never seen him in any sort of physical confrontation, so it's safe to assume that he fears he wouldn't fare well in hand-to-hand combat with ... well, anyone.

Whatever it is that has David so terrified, it must be serious.

After all, he's willing to put his kids at risk in order to protect himself.

David Eason Stupid

Hell, he's even risking his wife's career as a creator of TikTok dance videos, which is the family's sole source of income these days!

Yes, earlier this week, Jenelle was suspended from the app after David continually walked through one of her videos brandishing a weapon.

If that version of events sounds familiar you're probably thinking of the last time that David behaved in a similarly obnoxious fashion, threatening MTV crew members with weapons after he was fired from Teen Mom 2.

David Eason Open Carries

So yeah, David doesn't like making money, and he doesn't like his wife making money either.

It's quite a conundrum!

At the time of the suspension Jenelle explained that her husband needs to carry a gun on him at all times in order to feel safe.

David Has Got a Gun

That sounds insane, but it also sounds quite sad, so some fans were sympathetic.

But then they watched the video again and realized that the barrel of David's loaded weapon was just inches away from the head of his 3-year-old daughter, Ensley.

“David carries all the time, I mean no matter what store we go in…we just got home so, of course, it’s on his hip. He has a holster on his belt,” Jenelle argued.

David Eason Gets Serious

“It’s an open carry state here unless you have a concealed weapon permit. We don’t, we haven’t taken the classes for it yet,”

In the video, David explained that he always carries his firearm “unless I’m sleeping, then it’s on the nightstand.”

Again, this is one very frightened man.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

But he can't help but think he might be scared of all the wrong things.

Jenelle and David have already had their kids taken away by CPS once -- and it wasn't even that long ago.

Now, she's posting videos in which her husband -- whom she's admitted suffers from severe anger control issues -- is carrying a loaded gun around her kids?

Not a great look under any circumstances, but especially not for someone who was recently forced to testify in front of a judge that she's a fit mother.

So in one fell swoop, David endangered Jenelle's TikTok "career" (such as it is) and risked prompting yet another CPS investigation.

What a guy!

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