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Little People, Big World.

Huge celebration!

On Thursday, November 19, Tori and Zach Roloff took to social media and acknowledged their daughter, Lilah, who turned one year old on that date.

Yay for Lilah!
Photo via Instagram

“Happy birthday sweet Lilah Bean!” Tori captioned an Instagram slideshow of party photos.

“We love you and your curiosity so much. I love that you know what you want and what you don’t want — this is going to serve you well in this world. I love that you’re a mama’s girl.

"It can be exhausting at times, but the fact that I can make you happy is the best feeling in the world. I love how you look at your dad and your brother with so much love.

"I love that you’re resilient and you’re getting good at going with the flow.”

Photo via Instagram

Like her brother, Jackson, Lilah was born with Achondroplasia.

On the latest season of this TLC reality show, viewers watched as Tori grew concerned when Lilah got sick.

More recently, the 29-year old told followers that Tori has been diagnosed with strabismus, which means she’s "basically she’s crossed eyed."

As Tori and Zach have noted since birth, though, Lilah is one very tough cookie.

Photo via Instagram

In her Instagram message, the reality star went on to call her toddler “a light” in the family, concluding:

“You are such a gift. I thank God every single day that He chose me to be your mom.

"I can’t wait to spend as many birthdays as I can with you!!”

Tori Roloff, Masked Up
Photo via Instagram

As for her monthly rundown of what Lilah is up to these days?

"365 days!! I can not believe we have gotten to spend an entire year with this sweet girl!!" wrote Tori this week to preface just such an update, adding:

"She has fit in so perfectly with our family! I also can’t believe today is this last day I will lay her down on this blanket!"

Tori Roloff, Second Born
Photo via Instagram

Here it goes, Tori then wrote, prior to sharing the following list…

Lilah is standing (assisted).

She still has only two teeth but is working hard on another!

Lilah got glasses!

Roloffs at Farm
Photo via Instagram

She’s not a huge fan of cake but donuts may be this girls thing.

Sweet girl is moving all over and gates have officially been put up everywhere in the Roloff house.

She is still obsessed as ever with her big brother!

"We love you so much Lilah girl!! Happy birthday!" added the proud mother.

Tori and Zach for TLC

Zach and Tori got married in July 2015 in Oregon and envision themselves having a big family.

According to Zach, at least.

“I want a little pack,” he told Us Weekly in May 2019. “I would love four or five kids.”

For the record, Tori is not pregnant right now. But she hasn’t ruled out another child or two down the line, that’s for sure.