Jenelle Evans: I Miss My Kids So Bad, Just Not Bad Enough to Leave David!

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Jenelle Evans must be pretty aggravated right now, dude.

The kids in her care were taken away by CPS, and in just a few days, a judge will decide whether or not she'll get them back.

And if that wasn't dramastic enough, all of that is happening because everybody hates her husband, David Eason.

Like, no one will LEAVE THEM ALONE.

Yep, it's a tough time to be Jenelle, but as always, she makes the situation even worse than it already is by saying a bunch of nonsense on social media.

Can she really be this delusional?

1. Well, Jenelle ....

Well, Jenelle ....
Jenelle has seen better days, that's for sure.

2. Oh, Memories

Oh, Memories
Remember back when she first started dating David Eason? He had a good job, he entered her life right after she left the disaster that was her relationship with Nathan Griffith, and lots of people were hopeful that she'd finally found a good one.

3. Not So Much

Not So Much
If only, right?

4. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
Since then, David has proven himself to be, without a doubt, the worst man Jenelle has ever been with, which, given her dating history, is really saying something.

5. Yikes

He started off by trying to control Jenelle, then he started talking down to her mother, then her kids. Then the abuse allegations began, and then we heard Jenelle call 911 and tell the operator that he'd assaulted her.

6. The Beginnings of a Custody Battle

The Beginnings of a Custody Battle
According to the rumors, Kaiser was getting the brunt of the abuse -- Nathan and his mother have both said that the little boy's told them that David hits him. For the past several months, Nathan has been working on getting full custody.

7. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
They were actually supposed ot be in court this week for that case, but when David brutally killed Jenelle's French bulldog puppy, Nugget, things changed.

8. So Heartbreaking

So Heartbreaking
What David did to Nugget caused so much outrage -- not enough for Jenelle to leave him, but enough for her to lose her job on Teen Mom 2, and enough for police to look into things.

9. Later, Kids

Later, Kids
Before too long, an officer involved in the investigation got in touch with CPS, and CPS started the process of removing the children in Jenelle and David's care from the home.

10. A New Custody Case

A New Custody Case
Maryssa, David's daughter from a previous relationship, went to stay with her maternal grandmother.

11. Free Kaiser

Free Kaiser
Kaiser has been with Nathan.

12. Barbara to the Rescue

Barbara to the Rescue
And Ensley ended up with her big brother, Jace, in Barbara's care.

13. Not Happy

Not Happy
Jenelle and David didn't love how all of this went down, so they quickly scooped up a lawyer and went to court to demand their kids back.

14. Not So Fast!

Not So Fast!
Thankfully, the judge assigned to the case seems to be pretty thorough -- everyone has been in court for the past two weeks working to figure things out.

15. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
Friday was actually supposed to be the day the judge decided what the temporary custody situation would be, but now we have to wait until Tuesday to hear the verdict.

16. Gross

That may be in part because Jenelle was apparently a big ol' flake on Friday in court.

17. Wonder What Happened?

Wonder What Happened?
According to reports, Friday was important because someone from the family took the stand and revealed some secrets about what happens behind closed doors at the Eason home.

18. Classic

Soon after, Jenelle left early because she said she wasn't feeling well -- if you've kept up with Teen Mom gossip for any amount of time, you know this is something she does when things aren't going her way.

19. ... Seriously?

... Seriously?
But not only did she skip out on the tail end of court, she also decided not to see her kids -- she was allowed to visit with them for an hour, but she chose not to see them at all because she just felt too bad.

20. Dang It, Jenelle

Dang It, Jenelle
And like ... that CAN'T look good, right? She's trying to get custody back, but she can't even bother to go to a visit?

21. David Over Everything

David Over Everything
Pair that with the report that when this whole mess began, she could have gotten custody back if only she'd left David, or even just temporarily separated from him ... it just really seems like she doesn't see her kids as the top priority here.

22. Oh Honey

Oh Honey
But, as always, Facebook tells a different story!

23. Weird Move

Weird Move
She's always shared a lot of memes on Facebook, but after CPS removed the kids, she's been really into parenting memes, like this one.

24. Mom Life

Mom Life
And this one.

25. Hmm

And also this one.

26. Girl

And don't forget this one, because if ever there was an appropriate time to talk about a hypothetical scenario involving your two-year-old daughter and throat-punching, it's now.

27. Happier Times

Happier Times
And since Friday, she's also been sharing tons of old photos of the kids -- here's one of Jace holding Kaiser holding Ensley.

28. Awww (???)

Awww (???)
And here's one of her with Ensley on her wedding day.

29. Um

Yesterday she shared some photos of Kaiser from 2016, back when "my bubba was so small."

30. What a Nightmare

What a Nightmare
And early this morning, we got a look back at Jace from 2014. For this one, she just added a heart emoji.

31. Why Though

Why Though
So this is weird, right?

32. What's Up?

What's Up?
Everybody knows what's going on, and she's sharing all these memes like "Look, I'm totally a regular parent, just like anyone else!"

33. Real Talk

Real Talk
And as for sharing all the old pictures of her kids, again, if she really cared that much, you'd think she'd have visited them on Friday when she was able instead of skipping out early.

34. The Proof is in the Pudding

The Proof is in the Pudding
After all, she didn't even feel bad enough to head to the emergency room -- we know that if she did, she'd be posting photos and videos as proof.

35. Oh Man

Oh Man
Putting all of that together, she honestly looks a little bit delusional about everything.

36. Depressing

It also seems like she really is missing her kids ... just not enough to do what it would take to get them back. Which, as we understand it, would be to leave David.

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