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Older, successful men dating much younger, unestablished women has been a Hollywood cliche for as long as Hollywood has existed.

Thankfully, the icky practice has begun to fall out of favor, as many have come to view these power-imbalanced relationships with major skepticism.

Scott Disick Wants You to Vote

But don’t tell that to Scott Disick, who still seems to have little interest in forming romantic relationships with women who are old enough to drink.

Earlier this year, Disick broke up with Sofia Richie following a three-year relationship.

At the time they started dating, she was 18 and he was 34.

Scott and Sofia in Black and White

Now, Disick has exchanged Sofia for a younger model — quite literally.

Scott is dating Amelia Hamlin, the 19-year-old daughter of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Star Lisa Rinna and Mad Men actor Harry Hamlin.

Not surprisingly, it seems Amelia’s parents are not thrilled that she’s involved with a 37-year-old father of three.

Scott and Amelia

But it appears that the teen model is unconcerned about her parents’ misgivings.

In fact, she wants the whole world to know that her relationship with Disick is more than just a fling.

As you’re probably aware, people all over the country did their best to celebrate Thanksgiving under plague conditions last week.

Amelia Hamlin, Scott Disick split

For our non-American readers, Thanksgiving is a time when we assemble for disappointing football, dry turkey, and heated political arguments.

This year, gatherings were much smaller than usual, and travel was heavily restricted.

As a result, impromptu get-togethers took the place of large family parties, and it looks as though Scott and Amelia were among those who celebrated Friends-(with benefits)-giving.

Amelia Hamlin WIth Scott Disick

As In Touch reports Amelia posted the pic above, along with a caption reading, “Thankful [for] these [people]."

As she’s revealed in previous posts, Amelia isn’t taking any chances with regard to Covid-19, and it seems she steered clear of her parents and marked the occasion with Scott — something she’s been doing a lot of lately.

“Staying home ‘cause it’s the right thing to do,” she captioned a recent Instagram Story that showed her and Scott enjoying sushi prepared at home by a private chef.

Amelia Hamlin in a Bikini

But even though Scott is showing Amelia the good life and observing proper social-distancing protocols, it seems he won’t be winning over Amelia’s parents any time soon.

“[They] believe this is just a phase,” a source recently told E! News, adding that Lisa and Harry wish Amelia had stayed with her ex.

“Harry and Lisa were sad to see Amelia and Mercer Wiederhorn split because they loved Mercer. He was like family, but they understand.”

Amelia Hamlin Strikes a Pose

And it seems that Harry and Lisa weren’t the only ones who were head over heels for Mercer.

As recently as August, Amelia was gushing about Wiederhorn in podcast interviews.

“We were literally just watching a movie, and then, like, I don’t know if you’ve ever had this feeling, but when he walked in, I don’t think I like, registered what he looked like,” Amelia she said, discussing the first time she met her ex.

Amelia Hamlin Car Selfie

“I was just like, him, like, that’s The One. I didn’t even have a conversation with him or anything, it was almost like his energy,” she continued.

“His aura was just like affecting me. And I’m not really one to say, I don’t even think I’ve ever said that in my whole entire life, but it really happened.”  

Does she feel the same way about Scott?

We don’t know, but that’s an awful lot to live up to!