Scott Disick & Sofia Richie: Going Through a Qurantine Breakup?

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On Wednesday, we reported on the rumor that Scott Disick was spotted with Koutney Kardashian.

Now, obviously, Scott and Kourt have three kids together, and they've spotted together quite frequently in the years since their split.

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Split April 2019

But these days, the most close-knit families are entering their second month of zero-contact.

So the sight of Kourtney and Scott casually chilling together outside her home caught many fans off guard.

Fortunately, there's an explantation that doesn't involve these two getting back together for the 47th time.

You see, Scott and Kourt's kids have been diving their time between the two parents' homes.

Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick Split August 2019

They spend most of the week with Kourtney, which is apparently just fine with Scott's girlfriend, Sofia Richie, who's apparently enjoying all this alone time with her man.

Yes, despite recent reports that Scott and Sofia have broken up as a result of spending too much time together during the pandemic, sources are now claiming that the couple is closer than ever.

“They’re used to having a full house of friends, personal trainers, etc … and just a lot of chaos,” an insider tells Life & Style.

"They’re having dinner together, lunch and breakfast every day,” says a second source. 

Scott and Sofia in Black and White

"They spend time watching movies together and just talking one-on-one, which is not normal for them.”

“They’re both so appreciative to be healthy and have each other during this,” a third insider claims. “There is zero drama in their relationship right now.”

Of course, the house hasn't been entirely empty during the pandemic.

“The kids have to see their dad,” the third source says.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie on a Couch

And apparently, that involves some sacrifice on Sofia's part.

“[Mason, Penelope and Reign] are going to Scott’s house because Scott and Sofia [Richie] are not leaving the house, so Kourtney feels like it’s OK for them to go between the two,” the insider adds.

Yes, given the choice between shacking up with her man and never leaving the house -- even for walks or visits to the grocery store -- Sofia apparently opted for the former.

Now that's commitment.

Scott Holds Sofia

As for how the 21-year-old model is coping with her boyfriend's constant contact with his ex -- well, apparently she's cool with it.

"Sofia had no issue with Scott and Kourtney spending time together on her birthday and she knows they will always be in each other’s lives on some level," an insider tells Hollywood Life.

"She knows that they have a lot of history and appreciates how well they co-parent," the source adds.

"She respects the relationship that they have. Sofia’s very secure in the bond that she shares with Scott and this quarantine has actually brought them even closer."

Sofia Richie and Scott Disick Look Sad

That's mighty big of her, as it seems Scott and Kourtney's relationship is more than just pick-ups and drop-offs these days.

Kourtney celebrated her 41st birthday last week, and since Scott was picking up the kids anyway, he apparently stopped in to help her celebrate.

"Sofia is very cool with Scott’s relationship with Kourtney. There really is not any animosity or weirdness," says the insider.

"At first, maybe, but that was just ages ago," the source adds.

Scott Disick and Sofia Richie on Snapchat

The insider claims that Sofia is mature well beyond her years and handling the situation admirably.

"Sofia may be young, but she is really mature and understands that it’s very important for the kids to have both their parents even if they are not together.," the source adds.

"Scott loves that Sofia’s that way because, the less drama the better."

So much for those quarantine breakup rumors, we guess. 

Sounds more like these two are headed for a quarantine engagement!

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