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As much as fans would love to see Scott Disick and Kourtney Kardashian back together, he’s been pretty consistent these days.

He likes the hottest 19-year-old girls on the planet, bonus points if they’re famous. Has he set his sights on a new, famous hottie?

Scott Disick Has His Own Show

For most of us, Halloween was canceled. 2020 would take everything from us if it could.

We got into the festive spirit, decorated, ate candy, did religious or spiritual things to mark the day where applicable, and stayed in.

But the mega-wealthy live by their own rules, and gave up the "the pandemic hits us all equally" farce months ago. So naturally, Scott partied in costume.

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He went as Ace Ventura, a nod to a classic and deeply transphobic ’90s film. Any excuse to wear a great shirt, we guess.

But it wasn’t Scott’s outfit that drew the attention of eyewitnesses, nor his lack of a face mask (on Halloween of all days).

Instead, it was his companion — Amelia Gray Hamlin.

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Most of us know of Amelia as the daughter of actress and Real Housewife Lisa Rinna and her husband, Clash of the Titans legend Harry Hamlin.

She is a gorgeous young model and has been open about her struggles with disordered eating and body dysphoria.

Amelia is also 19 years old.

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Scott, lest we forget, is a 37-year-old father of three.

Now, we don’t know that they’re dating.

They could have been friends, or simply attractive strangers with a massive age disparity chatting at a party.

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Amelia has been dating Mercer Wiederhorn, though their public interactions appear to have dropped off as of a few weeks ago.

Meanwhile, Scott was reportedly dating Bella Banos as of a month ago.

None of that would preclude these two from hooking up — since a lot can happen in a few weeks.

Scott Disick Turns Serious

When reports that the two of them were spotted together on Halloween first surfaced, social media was quick to respond.

"Not Scott Disick and Amelia Gray," lamented one Twitter user.

"He’s almost 20 years older. What could they have in common?" another asked. "He’s starting to give me a weird vibe."

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None of us can forget that Scott spent 2017 boning every 19-year-old model who would give him the time of day.

His downward spiral of bad behavior was alarming at the time, and only seemed to come to an end when he began dating Sofia Richie.

Sofia — who was 19 at the time — continued an off-and-on relationship with Scott until their most recent breakup, late this summer.

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Neither Scott nor Amelia have publicly addressed the rumors — or even the simple questions — that they might be dating.

Amelia just voted in her first-ever Presidential election, which we’ll address in a moment.

Meanwhile, Scott was eligible to vote when she was born.

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Why does Scott keep dating the hottest 19-year-old girls on the planet? Aside from the obvious, like "he wants to and he can," we mean.

A celebrity or wealthy old dude who dates one or two college-age adults may have simply met with them and connected with them despite the massive age gap. It happens.

When it’s a relentless pattern, anecdotal evidence says that these are guys who want girlfriends who aren’t just hot, but young enough that they’ll put up with way more juvenile BS than an age-appropriate partner.

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That said, Amelia is a smart and mature young woman, and on Monday, her thoughts weren’t about Scott so much as about the future of the world.

"Today I exercised my rights of being an American. but not only an American, a woman in America," her caption begins.

Amelia continued: "I post this photo to shed light on the rights that women need. this photo is not to sexualize, but normalize women’s bodies."

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"I vote out someone who has proven to show nothing but disrespect toward women, and our body parts," Amelia’s caption added.

She noted: "As women we should be encouraged to feel confident about our bodies, not made to feel wrong about embracing them."

Amelia expressed: "We should not be characterized by disgusting names and or dehumanized for loving and appreciating our bodies."

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"I am posting this to stand up for women. to love myself as a woman. to show my strength as a woman. my rights as a woman," Amelia wrote.

Her post concluded: "Vote him out."

Amelia is a wise young woman. Hopefully, she and Scott limited their interactions to rubbing elbows, not genitals, but only time will tell.