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When Jorge Nava announced that he’s going to be a dad, 90 Day Fiance fans immediately wondered what Anfisa might think.

Well, wonder no more.

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Anfisa Nava has never shied away from sharing glimpses of her sculpted body with fans.

Over Thanksgiving weekend, Anfisa took to Instagram to share another look.

This time, we see her rock-hard body in red lingerie in a zoomed-in photo that she captioned: "details."

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Obviously, most of the responses were fans falling over themselves to sing her praises.

Anfisa is hot and she knows it, but she doesn’t mind hearing about it.

So naturally, many comments were about her looks, with one fan even joking about how she worries that her boyfriend will see it.

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However, other fans had other things on their minds, even though they clearly enjoyed looking at Anfisa.

“Yaaaaaas lawd,” declared one commenter under Anfisa’s lingerie thirst trap.

The comment continued: “Anfisa looking like a 10 while Jorge out there becoming a child support check/baby daddy.”

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Another commenter replied to that comment with delighted laughter.

Anfisa responded to it with emojis conveying love and affection.

In other words, she appreciates the commenter and the energy behind the comment.

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That isn’t the same thing as commenting on Jorge’s big announcement herself.

But it definitely falls on the shady side of ways to respond to the news that your ex is going to be a dad.

To be fair … there aren’t a lot of easy ways to react to that news, especially given the circumstances.

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Jorge reported to prison late in the summer of 2018.

He was released in May of 2020, regaining his freedom and stepping into a world in crisis, riddled by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite that, he managed to find a hot girlfriend while filing to divorce his still legal wife, Anfisa, whom he accused of abandoning him in prison.

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Jorge has been out of prison for just over six months.

He appears to have been dating his new love for most of that time (he went public with their romance in June).

And the day before Thanksgiving, Jorge posted the results of an ultrasound, indicating that he is going to become a father.

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That is certainly moving quickly, both in terms of Jorge making decisions after leaving prison and in terms of his still fairly new relationship.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean that Jorge is going to be paying out child support for the next two decades.

It’s difficult to tell how long relationships will ultimately prove to last. 90 Day Fiance fans should know that better than anyone.

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We don’t actually know much at all about Jorge’s future baby mama, except that she’s beautiful and appears to bear a vague resemblance to Anfisa.

What can we say? Some people sure have a type.

While the future Baby Nava may have to deal with the genetic legacy of Jorge’s rapid weight loss (genetics are super weird and people inherit more than you think), they’re likely to be very cute, too.

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Anfisa isn’t necessarily looking back at her erstwhile marriage to Jorge and wishing that things could be different.

Instead, she’s just showing her appreciation for a fan’s comment — not trying to start something.

Still, it’s a little shady, and we think that she knows that.