Jenelle Evans Threatens Fans: I'm Coming Out With More Crappy Makeup!

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When Jenelle Evans got fired from Teen Mom 2 last year, she seemed oddly unconcerned about her financial future.

This is an unemployed mother of three with an unemployed husband and two stepkids (one of whom she and David Eason are actually allowed to see), and yet, in more than a year without an income, she's probably never filled out an application or created a resume.

Jenelle Sells

The reason, of course, is that Jenelle has been peddling a BS version of her life for so long that she's begun to believe it herself.

Yes, like all good grifters, Evans has reached the point where she buys into her own hype so completely that she forgets her public image is completely built on lies.

We'd say she should run for president someday, but the fact that Jenelle has been arrested more times than Pablo Escobar would probably take her out of the running.

Jenelle on the Weed Farm

Anyway, Evans is under the impression that she'll never need a real job because she has millions of adoring fans who are just dying to fork over real American dollars as soon as she has something to sell them.

And it seems she just can't let go of the idea that she's destined to be a billionaire cosmetics mogul, a la Kylie Jenner.

Of course, so far, Jenelle's career as a makeup tycoon hasn't exactly gone according to plan.

Jenelle Lauren Evans

She talked about launching her company for years, but it didn't actually happen until MTV kicked her to the curb.

It was at that point that Jenelle proved she's as bad at running a business as she is at everything else.

She was accused of selling mold-infested makeup, and after a couple buyers had their eyebrow kits tested and posted proof of contamination, JE Cosmetics shut its doors.

Jenelle Evans Eyebrows

Sadly, the move wasn't permanent.

Earlier this week, Jenelle tweeted that she's planning to get back into the makeup game, and this time, she wants to control every stage of the production process.

“A lot of you are suggesting I should join Monat but I [sic] rather make my own product," she wrote.

Jenelle Launches a Website

“Been super busy lately and working on myself and my businesses. Can’t wait to show everyone new products! #ComingSoon," she added.

Monat's Wikipedia page describes it as "a privately-held American multi-level marketing company" that "sells hair care products, skincare products, and hygiene products for pets."

Based on the fact that they also sell pet products, Monat probably wouldn't be thrilled about partnering up with a woman who allowed her husband to beat, shoot, and kill the family dog.

Jenelle Eason is Happy

But as one fan pointed out, Evans would do well to partner up with an organization that has a favorable reputation in the beauty industry:

“At least the Monat products wouldn’t have hair and [mold] on them," they tweeted.

Another pointed out that this is probably just more of Jenelle jawing about a project she'll never actually see to completion:

Jenelle Evans at a Salon

“Here we go again. Jenelle and her many businesses. it will fail just like the rest of them have if she’s even actually working on anything," the person tweeted.

We suppose that's another way that Jenelle is like certain politicians:

She's evil, but thankfully, she's also lazy and incompetent, so there's a limit to how much damage she can do.

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