Jenelle Evans Triples Down on Ridiculing Maryssa: I Didn't Make Fun of That Bish, Just Called Her a Liar!

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It's hard to keep up with all of the many, many ways that Jenelle Evans is trash, right?

It's basically a full-time job.

Jenelle Evans Frowns

Over the ten years that Jenelle has been in the public eye, she's done just so very many terrible things.

So to make it easier on all of us, let's just focus on the most recent mess she's created for herself.

In case you missed it -- if you have, lucky you! -- Jenelle has been releasing a docuseries on YouTube all about the horrors of CPS.

Really, that's how she's been spending her time lately.

Jenelle Loves Weed

From her point of view, CPS is a vicious gang of monsters that tirelessly fights to tear only the most stable and loving families apart, and that's exactly what they did to her.

Sure, they've been involved with her kids several times because of abuse allegations and very serious concerns, and when she temporarily lost custody last year, it was because David murdered her dog and the authorities didn't think it was safe for the children to be there.

But in her mind, she's a damn good mom and a total victim.

The whole thing is really bizarre, but that's the gist, OK?

Jenelle in Tears

In her latest video on the topic, she talked more about the custody case from last year, specifically about her decision to request a new judge, which resulted in basically a do-over of the whole thing up to that point.

Lots of people had to testify again, including Maryssa, David's 12-year-old daughter from a previous relationship -- she testified against them.

There was a particularly awful part of the video where Jenelle and David talked about what Maryssa said in court, and they essentially started making fun of her.

You have to watch the video to really see what we're talking about, but Jenelle explained that Maryssa first said that David had once "pushed out a door," and when she testified again, she said that he'd ripped off a screen door.

When she quoted Maryssa, she used that voice that people use when they're recounting something dumb that someone they don't like said -- you know the one.

David added that a few minutes later, Maryssa said that they don't have screen doors, so really the whole thing is that they mocked a little girl for being brave enough to talk about some scary things going on at home, and they also called her a liar.

Which is interesting, because there are some older photos going around of their house that definitely show that they do have a screen door, and also we've heard that 911 call where Jenelle told an operator that he was beating the door down, so ...

Who's the liar now?

Jenelle Evans In Gucci

Anyway, a lot of people didn't like how they talked about Maryssa in the video, and one of those people called Jenelle out for it on Twitter.

"I mean you talked sh-t and made fun of your own stepdaughter in the video soo," that person wrote. "Don't you have a collarbone or something that needs broken?"

And when Jenelle saw that, she went off.

"Made fun of her for lying on stand to a judge in front of 7 lawyers?" she replied. "Those are facts. The next video I post will explain this.. but I don't have videos or pics of her on there."

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

"I have showed Maryssa these videos before they are posted," she claimed. "Keep being mad but Maryssa is just fine."

"Maryssa's relationship with me was far from perfect during that time. She was persuaded by the wrong people at the time and I'm just beginning to understand what happened in her situation."

She also said that that footage was from June of last year, which obviously everyone understands, and that "We thought she hated us at the time but we realize it was her being confused."

Is it absolutely ridiculous that two grown adults mocked a child -- their child -- because they "thought she hated us" at the time?

Jenelle and Dave Eason

Of course it is.

But she's got one more video left, and apparently that one will explain everything.

"Also... I didn't HAVE to post any of that but I am honestly sharing so everyone has insight how we were feeling at that given moment," she added.

"We were frustrated parents at the time. I could have cut that entire part out.. but I didn't."

Celebrating Jace

How weird is it that she's acting like she did us a favor by leaving that in there?

If she didn't have to post it, then it would have been great if she just did not.

Jenelle finished her rant by saying that things are better between her and Maryssa these days, and that "We even go shopping together now."

That will surely heal all those wounds, huh?

Once again, Jenelle has proven herself completely incapable of admitting when she's wrong, and also of understanding that other people have emotions and needs.

And, as always, she's definitely the victim here.

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