Jenelle Evans: Caught Selling Mold-Infested Makeup?!

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If you follow her on social media, you're probably aware that Jenelle Evans is broke.

Her every post reeks of desperation as the former reality star launches a series of increasingly ill-conceived business ventures and inks sponsored content deals that are inevitably torpedoed when the company in question catches wind of her scandalous past.

Jenelle Sells

Of course, there's one business that Jenelle has been promoting for almost as long as she's been famous.

So it's a little ironic that it failed more specactularly than all her other get rich quick schemes.

Yes, long before the days of the subscription-based Jenelle's World website and a million other hare-brained hustles, there was Jenelle's makeup line.

Jenelle in Nashville

It took Evans years to get JE Cosmetics off the ground, and when she finally put some products up for sale after years of hype, fans responded with a shrug and a yawn.

By one estimate, Jenelle only sold 150 eyebrow kits during her first months as a cosmetics moguls.

And that's a big problem, as she had an inventory of several thousand.

PB and Jenelle-y

The remaining kits sat in storage somewhere until earlier this year, when Jenelle got desperate and attempted to sell off the rest of her inventory.

Not surprisingly, months in a storage facility followed by some more months in a swamp-encircled shed left the makeup in less-than-ideal condition.

So the few folks that bought the second wave of eyebrow kits noticed that there was something a bit ... off about the product.

Jenelle Evans Eyebrows

Curious about the stuff that Jenelle was encouraging people to smear on their faces, an Instagram user named Rachel Pellegriti sent her kit to a lab for testing.

The result, as she reported today, is that her kit was infested with mold.

"Ladies and gentlemen the lab has discovered it’s fungus in the makeup," Rachel wrote on Instagram, alongside the most appropriate puking and sick, green-faced emojis ever posted.

Jenelle Mold Test

"Absolutely disgusting. How can anyone sell a contaminated product and not care?! JE cosmetics needs to be shut down immediately!!!!!" she added.

We're guessing no one will disagree with Rachel on that one.

Rachel included a photo of Jenelle's eyebrow kit as she received it, just so her followers could see what sort of nastiness she's talking about.

Jenelle Kit

Despite all of this evidence, of course, Jenelle has yet to comment on the situation, but as many commenters have pointed out, she could be facing a number of devastating lawsuits from fans who purchased contaminated makeup.

It remains to be seen if anyone will take legal action, but for now, we're taking solace in the thought of David Eason frantically flushing eyebrow kit powder down the toilet like Karen Hill in Goodfellas.

You have to take your laughs where you can get them in 2020.

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