David Eason: Did He Just CONFESS to Brutal Dog Murder?!

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Back in April, David Eason shot and killed the family dog during one of his infamous fits of rage.

He hid the evidence so well that police still suspect the whole thing was a hoax and a publicity stunt -- but we certainly wouldn't put such a violent act past him.

Anyway, now that the dust has settled from Jenelle's custody battle (a direct result of David's decision to execute poor little Nugget), we're free to try and figure out what exactly happened that fateful night.

And as expected, David comes off like a colossal douche.

Check it out:

1. David and Nug

David and Nug
By now, you know the story -- feeling that his children were somehow in danger, David dragged the 11-pound Frenchie out of the house and shot it point-blank with a shotgun.

2. A Man and His Dead Dog

A Man and His Dead Dog
Accounts vary, but it's widely agreed that David believed the dog wad behaving too aggressively so he went outside and shot it -- while the children were at home.

3. Jenelle's Choice

Jenelle's Choice
Jenelle briefly left The Land after the shooting, but she quickly forgave David and returned home.

4. Losing It All

Losing It All
Because Jenelle allowed David to stay in the home, CPS investigated and determined that the children should be removed and sent to live with relatives.

5. Mayonnaise Sandwich Time

Mayonnaise Sandwich Time
The incident also cost her her job on MTV, which was Jenelle and David's sole source of income.

6. Elaborate Con?

Elaborate Con?
Due to an apparent lack of physical evidence, police determined that the whole thing may have been a hoax designed to drum up publicity.

7. Building a Case

Building a Case
Now, however, some newly-leaked texts seem to confirm that David did indeed murder his wife's pet Frenchie.

8. Hero Work

Hero Work
We've written before about the geniuses at JE Cosmetics -- an animal rights group that purchased the domain name Evans had been using for her non-existent makeup company,

9. Activist Sleuths

Activist Sleuths
Now, those same folks seem to have unearthed some appalling evidence indicating that David remorselessly shot the dog.

10. Incriminating Stuff

Incriminating Stuff
Via a group called Exposing the Easons, JE Cosmetics obtained screenshots of what it claims are text messages sent between David and a friend.

11. Not Good

Not Good
In the texts, David asks for a friend's help in disposing of the bodies of dogs, though he pluralization may have been just a typo.

12. Psychopath

At one point, David says he has "some shit to get rid of," which may mean the friend helped dispose of the murder weapon and other evidence, as well.

13. It Went Down, Indeed

It Went Down, Indeed
"Some shit went down I'd rather not explain too much over text," David tells the friend.

14. March of the Pigs

March of the Pigs
"I need a hand getting rid of the dogs tonight before the pigs come and search my property," David wrote likely referring to police officers.

15. Need-to-Know Basis

Need-to-Know Basis
"You're the only one who knows about it besides Jenelle," David assures his friend.

16. That's What Friends Are For!

That's What Friends Are For!
Eason tells his friend that they're in for a "messy clean up job" but the associate still seems onboard to help.

17. Grain of Salt

Grain of Salt
It's important to note that we came to these texts thirdhand, and at this time, it's impossible for us to be 100 percent sure they're not fraudulent.

18. Busted Big Time

Busted Big Time
But if they're legit, they would explain an awful lot -- like why police were never able to locate Nugget's body.

19. Damning Evidence

Damning Evidence
At this point, it seems unlikely that Eason will face criminal charges for shooting the dog, but these texts certainly won't help his standing in the court of public opinion!

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