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Jenelle Evans and David Eason breakup so often that it’s impossible to say from one day to the next if they’re together or not.

The situation is further complicated by the fact that David is a complete a-hole, regardless of whether or not he and Jenelle are together.

Jenelle Evans and David Eason in 2020

So when he mocks and berates her on social media, we can’t necessarily take it as a sign that they’re having more marital trouble than usual.

After all, he mocks and berates her all the time, even when things are going "well."

David is a born bully, and Jenelle is too, but he’s higher up on the Swamplandia food chain, so he has more potential victims than she does.

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Now that we’ve dissected the awful, destructive dynamic between these awful, destructive people, let’s get into David’s latest act of douche-baggery.

Earlier this week, Nathan Griffith confirmed that David beats his 3-year-old son Kaiser, so this one will feel pretty minor by comparison, but it’s another reminder that David wakes up every day and begins figuring out ways he can make life worse for other people.

The situation began when Jenelle actually attempted to do something decent and posted a message about mental health awareness and suicide prevention on TikTok.

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Usually, Jenelle just dances on TikTok and brags about how much money she makes from the site, so this was a welcome change of pace.

This time, she drew a smiley face in the condensation on a window and accompanied the short clip with a poignant caption.

"Remember to smile. #RainyDay #MentalHealthAwareness #Surrender," she wrote.

It’s sort of weird to encourage people suffering from mental illness to "#Surrender," but apparently, Jenelle was listening to the song "Surrender" by Natalie Taylor.

Not surprisingly, the post sparked concern among Jenelle’s fans, but she quickly clarified that she’s not suffering from a mental health episode, herself:

"I’m smiling! I just want everyone to be nice while on social media," she replied to a worried fan.

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Unfortunately, Jenelle’s smile may not have lasted very long, as David bizarrely felt the need to clap back at her post.

Like his wife, Eason drew a smiley face on a rain-spattered window, but he continued drawing and eventually turned the face into a smiling middle finger aimed at the camera.

"Good morning, sending love! #rainyday," David wrote sarcastically.

This is a guy who’s been known to beat and shoot dogs in front of his kids when he’s upset, so this is obviously very tame by David standards.

Still, Eason saw his wife calling attention to an important issue and he decided to mock her and the mentally ill without provocation, and we feel it’s our obligation of what a lunatic this guy is.

This has been your daily "David Eason Is the Absolute Worst" update.