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Gym. Tanning. Laundry.

And just so much making out!

Pauly D, Girlfriend
Photo via MTV

Earlier this week, MTV released the first trailer for Jersey Shore: Family Vacation Season 4.

But while most of the buzz surrounding this preview has been on the clear tension between Angelina and her female co-stars, one aspect of the 30-second video may have been missed.

It involves Pauly D, his hands, his mouth … and the woman on receiving end of these body parts.

Indeed, the DJ is very clearly going steady with Nikki Hall.

Photo via MTV

The 40-year old — yep, Pauly D is now 40 years old! — is seen kissing Hall multiple times in the footage below.

In case you forgot, he met the brunette last year on the fire season of Double Shot at Love.

The couple revealed they were still together during the reunion special that aired in early October and we’ve now learned that they’ve been quarantining together in Las Vegas.

This, of course, is where Pauly and Nikki will find themselves on the aforementioned fourth season.

Jersey Shore Trailer: Is This It for the Family?

The upcoming season was shot under quarantine in a total empty Las Vegas hotel, with only our favorite, long-time Jersey Shore cast members and their signfiicant others permitted on set.

What will this look like?

We really have no idea.

But we know the shoow will return with back-to-back new episodes on November 19.

We also know Snooki won’t be back this year, which totally sucks.

Reads a press release from producers from several days ago:

"Following an explosive season three finale, which was the highest-rated episode since 2018, the pop-culture phenomenon returns for season four to make “Jerztory” as the world looks a little different and social distancing is the new rule."

This same release continues:

With more than 10 years of ups and downs and humor and heart, the cast has always made it out on the other side stronger than ever — until now.

Angelina’s wedding and the speech heard around the world left the family fractured, leaving the boys with only one option — make the family whole again.

So, DJ Pauly D takes over a resort and with the help of Mike "The Situation," Vinny and Ronnie, they hatch a plan to reunite the girls, invite the extended family to distract them from the drama, and hope for the best.

It seemed like a good idea at the time, but with this group you never know what will happen.

Sounds… interesting?

Different, for sure.

But we’ll be tuning in.

What about you?

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