Anna Duggar's "Rebel" Sister Announces Pregnancy, Scandalizes Jim Bob

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It doesn't take much to piss off old Jim Bob Duggar.

In fact, a pair of Levi's on a woman instead of a floor-length skirt is usually enough to do the trick.


But violating the Duggar dress code is a fairly minor offense in Jim Bob's eyes.

There are other infractions, however, that are so serious that JB doesn't want his kids even associating with people who are guilty of them.

So we imagine he's feeling pretty conflicted about the news Anna Duggar's sister, Susanna, is pregnant with her second child.

Susanna Keller Image

On the one hand, she's a woman who's preparing to give birth, which is pretty much the only thing of value a woman can do in Jim Bob's eyes.

On the other hand, her first baby was born out of wedlock, which is the ultimate no-no in Jim Bob's book.

After all, the Duggars live in a world that's structured on patriarchal authority.

Jim Bob Duggar: Father of the Groom

And if women like Susanna are out there proving that you can have a child without being married to a man and doing so won't completely destroy your life ... well, that pretty much undermines Jim Bob's entire premise.

These days, Susanna is married to York Bridges, and the couple announced on Instagram this week that they're preparing for the arrival of a second bundle of joy.

"We're adding a little more love to our family,"  Susanna wrote.

Susanna Keller and the Duggars

"Due to arrive 5.8.2021," Susanna added, along with the hashtags "#surprisebigsis, #pregnant and #loveyoualready".

Her fellow rebels were quick to congratulate Susanna, while the rest of the Duggar clan has thus far remained silent/

"CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!" Anna commented on the post.

Anna and Mackynzie Duggar

"Yay!!! Congratulations!!!" Jill Duggar wrote.

Jill is currently feuding with her parents, and insiders say the two families have cut off all contact.

Susanna was similarly blackballed when she announced her first pregnancy back in 2014.

Susanna Keller and Matt Davis

Susanna got engaged to Matt Davis in 2017, but the engagement ended for unknown reasons.

For her part, Anna has repeatedly risked outraging Jim Bob through her continued involvement with Susanna despite the woman's frequent violations of the rules the Duggars hold dear.

First, she threw Susanna a baby shower.

Susanna Keller

Not surprisingly, Jim Bob and Michelle disapproved, and did not take part.

When Susanna married York in September of 2019, Josh and Anna attended the wedding, a move that reportedly further outraged the elder Duggars.

Now, Anna is clearly supporting her sister as she prepares to welcome her second child, her first by Bridges.

Josh and Anna Anniversary Photo

Having two children by two different men is the sort of thing that's likely to receive harsh condemnation from Jim Bob.

In fact, his furor might be such that he directs it at Josh and Anna, as well.

And the couple can't really afford to risk angering Jim Bob at this point, as they're completely reliant on his generosity.

Josh and Anna live in a warehouse on Jim Bob's property, presumably because they're unable to afford better housing.

Will Jim Bob kick them out because of their continued association with Susanna?

Probably not, but you can bet there will be some awkward times ahead!

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