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Selena Gomez has been open about her chronic battle with lupus, recently showcasing her kidney transplant scar.

Now, she seems to once again be undergoing treatment — as eagle-eyed fans noticed that she is hooked up to medical equipment.

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This week, Selena Gomez had a public video chat with Dune star Timothee Chalamet.

But fans of course noticed that she is undergoing some manner of treatment, likely for lupus, a devastating autoimmune disorder.

Selena of course was not trying to hide it.

"Praying for selena’s health and i really hope she’s doing well," one Selenator wrote on Twitter alongside the images.

The tweet continued: "I can’t imagine what it is like to live with such a terrible autoimmune disease."

The message concluded, directed at Selena: "sending you so much love and hugs."

Selena Gomez Gets Emotional

In 2015, Selena Gomez revealed that she has lupus.

This rare but debilitating condition exists when the immune system attacks healthy tissue, treating it as an invader.

Lupus requires intense treatments — in Selena’s particularly harsh case, chemotherapy in order to keep her own immune system from destroying her organs.

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Unfortunately, Selena also experienced kidney failure during her lupus battle.

Her friend, actress Francia Raisa, offered up her own kidney for the transplant.

Though the transplant was a success, this was by no means a cure — it simply means that Selena has a functioning kidney.

Another fan noted that Selena undergoing treatment makes it clear why Selena was unable to vote in person this year.

"It’s the fact that selena said she wanted to vote in person and couldn’t ‘for certain reasons,’" a tweet begins.

"And then we see she’s being medicated for lupus in her room," the observant fan observed.

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Selena has been more outspoken politically this year than ever before.

She has gone above and beyond to encourage her fans and followers to vote — and she has a massive platform.

Selena also held a live video chat with Vice Presidential nominee Kamala Harris to discuss important core issues and to help her fans engage.

Hilariously, Selena made the long list of celebrities that Trump’s desperate campaign reached out to in order to see if they would participate in a video.

Most of them (including Julianne Moore, whose name appears to be written incorrectly in this screenshot) simply ignored Trump’s overture.

Selena took it a step further, giving Trump a hard "no." She’s not going to help him to destroy the world.

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Selena also used her massive platform for good in June.

While many celebrities fumbled, unsure how to keep producing Content as historic Black Lives Matter protests continued from coast to coast, Selena was smarter.

She turned over her titanic Instagram platform to Black author, activist, and politician Stacey Abrams.

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Stacey is one of the most respected political thinkers in the country. Selena literally could not have chosen better.

Sometimes, the most powerful thing that a celebrity can do is take a step back and invite someone who is an authority on a topic to speak in their stead.

And sometimes, they can encourage their fans and followers to vote early and in person — even when their own vulnerable health means that they cannot do that themselves.

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