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Where do the Duggars – specifically the maligned Anna – actually live nowadays? It’s a frequently asked question lately.

For fans of the famous family, the Duggar homestead is a familiar sight, dating back to simpler, less controversial times.

Jim Bob and Michelle built a 7,000-square foot Arkansas pad with the money from their first TLC specials back in the day.

Many years, kids and scandals later, the house served as the setting for two shows – and some large family gatherings. 

Of course, much of the younger Duggar generation has grown up and moved out … some more successfully than others.

Before he got nabbed by the feds, Josh Duggar’s living arrangement in particular had been the subject of much debate.

His accomodations, along with wife Anna and their many children, were not what you’d expect given his parents’ wealth.

The confines of the main house have also been under renewed scrutiny, given that it’s where Josh’s first scandal arose.

With TLC canceling Counting On at long last, it’s unlikely that living conditions will improve for any of the above soon.

Below, we go inside the compound and the modest digs where the 33-year-old likely spent his last days of freedom.