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If you’re a longtime Jersey Shore viewer, then you’re probably aware of the love-hate relationship between Vinny Guadagnino and Angelina Pivarnick.

What began years ago as a drunken hookup evolved slowly into a sort of antagonistic flirtation, in which both parties expressed their affection through insults.

Vinny G. and Angelina P.

It was amusing at times, awkward and embarrassing at others, but whatever the case, it helped liven up the proceedings on the new iteration of Shore, which frequently suffers from a dearth of drama.

Of course, the flirting probably should’ve ended once Angelina married Chris Larangeira in November of last year … but it didn’t,

Instead, Vinny took it in a creepier direction.

Vinny With Angelina

In the months since the wedding, Vinny has publicly talked about his desire to have sex with Angelina.

(He passed this off as joking, but that’s what a lot of guys do after they get rejected.)

He’s also delivered the sort of brually negative attention that Shore fans have come to expect from this relationship.

Vinny Guadagnino Promo Pic

You might remember when Guadagnino roasted Pivarnick’s lingerie pics.

Or when he alleged that Angelina has no real fans and is merely benefiting from the sympathy viewers felt for her after she was mercilessly mocked at her own wedding.

It’s the kind of behavior that could easily catch Vinny an ass-whupping from Angelina’s husband if he’s not careful.

Angelina on the Gram

Especially since Vinny upped the ante this week and crossed the line between envelope-pushing ribbing and full-blown abusive language.

As you may know, along with his bestie Pauly D, Vinny stars on the MTV reality series A Double Shot at Love, which started as a dating competition, a la The Bachelor, but has deteriorated into a boring Shore spinoff, in which a new generation of partiers smushes and fist-pumps under the watchful eye of the elder guidos.

Angelina tweeted some reactions to the events of last week’s episode, and for some reason, this sent Vinny into a rage.

Vinny G and Pauly D Wait Nervously

"Ohh wow @VINNYGUADAGNINO your finally trying to be serious with someone !! Finally," Pivarnick tweeted, gently poking fun at Vinny’s dating history.

"Yea not u b-tch," Guadgnino replied in what was hardly a proportional response.

For obvious reasons, Vinny’s reply drew a very negative reaction from fans.

“The way you speak to women is not very nice,” one person tweeted, according to In Touch.

"That was gross of him,” another added.

“[Vinny], I like your programs. But honestly speaking to women that way. That’s not cool. Even if you are teasing. It’s NOT OK. You have a good mother. So It’s hard for us women to see you talk so disrespectful [sic]! " a third chimed in.

Vinny G Speaks to The Blast

"Angelina’s husband should put you in your place. Enough!”

Vinny was already veering into problematic territory by starring in a show in which he and his 40-year-old best friend have their way with much younger women, some of whom are visibly uncomfortable with the situation.

Now he’s bashing women he’s known for his entire adult life as "b-tches."

Angelina Pivarnick: I Look Like Kim K!

Not that it would be any better if he were addressing strangers in this fashion.

Really, we’d just like to see Vinny return to his role as Jersey Shore’s resident "nice guy."

But it seems like it may be a long time before the formerly quiet mama’s boy is humbled enough to return to his roots.