Chelsea Houska: My Daughter Hates Adam Lind AND His Parents!

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Chelsea Houska has just about the perfect immediate family.

By Teen Mom 2 standards, at least.

The veteran MTV personality has the most stable home life of anyone in the franchise -- but step outside that home for a brief period of time?

Chelsea Houska Texts

And things get awkward.

Consider an example from the September 8 episode of the aforementioned series, as TooFab has posted an exclusive sneak peek at Chelsea being forced to deal with Adam Lind's mother.

Lind, of course, is the father of Chelsea's oldest daughter, Aubree.

As a result, not just Adam, but members of Adam's family are still involved in Chelsea's life ... although the little girl herself sort of wishes this weren't the case.

Chelsea Houska on a Teen Mom 2 Episode

On this evening's Teen Mom 2 installment, Chelsea will return home after a business meeting and be informed that Aubree doesn't want to see her grandmother.

"Aubree just said -- she was supposed to go to the Lind's this weekend -- she said she doesn't wanna go," Chelsea tells husband Cole, explaining of her first-born:

"She said, 'Can you text Grandma Donna and tell her I don't want to go this weekend?'

"I was like, 'Is anything wrong?' and she said, 'No, I just don't wanna go.'"

Chelsea and Cole Together

Cole just takes this as just a sign of Aubree's independence, which may be valid, but Chelsea still must send a text to Donna expounding on the situation.

"I feel like this is the first time she's ever said she doesn't wanna go," she adds.

Adam's mom writes back almost instantly on screen, saying it's "fine," but wondering whether there is "something going on I should know about."

The answer appears to be no at the moment; despite there having been some serious issues between Chelsea and her ex in the past, all has been relatively calm for awhile.

Happy Houska

Elsewhere, though, things are a little bit crazy for Chelsea... in the best way possible!

She's pregnant withh baby number-four!

Chelsea and Cole confirmed this news in early August and have since announced they're having a girl.

It will likely be theirr final child.

Chelsea DeBoer Celebrates

"This one has definitely been different. I'm definitely more sick," Chelsea recently told E! News of her fourth pregnancy, adding:

"I have acne. I've never had that before during my pregnancy. This one is definitely throwing me for a loop."

Houska is mother to Aubree, three-year-old Watson, and little Layne, who will be two years old later this month.

Life can be sort of insane as a result, but she always has Cole to rely on.

Down Home De Boers

"Oh my gosh! He is always just above and beyond," Chelsea gushed to E!, praising her soulmate.

"He's so sweet and supportive and even if I'm not feeling the greatest or look the greatest, he's always telling me, ‘Oh you're so beautiful' and making sure to lift me up.

"He's so great."

We bet Aubree is always psyched to see his mom, too.

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