Sam Asghari SLAMS Britney Spears' Trolls: You Karens Need to STFU!

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Tragically, Britney Spears' awful father is still her conservator. Fans have a lot of legitimate worries about her freedoms.

But when an author took things too far, it was Britney's boyfriend who stepped up, shutting down the comment and praising Britney.

Sam Asghari

Kelly Oxford is an author, and one of countless fans of Britney Spears who have taken part in #FreeBritney discussions.

However, under a recent post of Britney's, Kelly seemed alarm by the singing sensation's social media feed.

"This account finally got too scary for me," she declared in a comment.

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari, Masked at the Beach

"What’s so scary about being the biggest superstar in the world being herself?" Britney's hunky boyfriend Sam Asghari replied.

He went on to describe her as "authentic, funny, humble."

Sam proudly notes that Britney does all of this "without caring what others think."

Britney Spears and Sam Asghari in Miami

"We need more people like her," Sam wrote, "and less Karen’s."

We're sure that he meant to write fewer and also that he did not intend to use an apostrophe to denote a plural. Hey, typos happen.

Sam's comment concluded: "Also Instagram installed this button that you can hit to unfollow about 10 years ago …"

Sam Asghari IG clapback (light mode)

Britney's posts themselves are not, at first glance, scary.

Her photos tend to be selfies or self-like photos of her modeling clothing.

"Scary" isn't really a word that applies to most of her photos -- even though Halloween is her favorite holiday.

Britney Is Serious

The captions tend to range from simple statements about her latest interest to lengthier well-wishes.

For example, one of her most recent posts encourages people to support front-line medical workers during this pandemic.

Britney's words also ask her fans to be environmentally conscious in their choices.

Britney Spears sweet IG caption

Another recent caption quoted one of Selena Gomez's many excellent songs -- talent recognizes talent.

Britney suggested that the "kill 'em with kindness" method is the best approach.

Selena replied with praise with a comment of her own.

Britney Spears IG kill 'em with kindness + selena gomez reply

Now, before anyone gives author and public figure Kelly Oxford a hard time, we should explain that she is not alone.

What is "scary" about Britney's Instagram posts, to some, is that she will post many pictures from the same spot, in the same series of outfits.

It appears that she takes multiple photos at once, and then shares individual photos from that shoot at different times with new captions.

Britney Spears IG conspiracy theory replies sample 01 of 03

Seriously, her comments look more or less like this under every single post.

Person after person talking about her sharing similar pics on different days.

Some are annoyed (and yet want to make it her problem). Others are deeply worried.

Britney Spears IG conspiracy theory replies sample 02 of 03

They think that someone else is sharing these photos.

Though Britney posted an Instagram video in 2019 denouncing the claims that her social media is controlled by others, some are unconvinced.

After all, her conservatorship controls so many aspects of her life. Who, they wonder, is to say that she wasn't simply forced to make that video ... or that things haven't changed since then.

Britney Spears IG conspiracy theory replies sample 03 of 03

Worrying about Britney's limited freedoms and her human rights as this conservatorship marches on without ending is both good and reasonable.

It is not unreasonable to have questions about Britney's posts, even if there are simpler explanations than a lack of social media autonomy.

Some, however, have allowed their imaginations to run wild, like this wildly unhinged comment saying that Britney is a victim of Illuminati mind-control.

Britney Spears IG conspiracy theory reply MK Ultra

Just a reminder: there's no Illuminati, Britney is not under MK Ultra mind control, and spouting this stuff does a disservice to Britney.

It's very important that, as we all discuss Britney's path to autonomy and freedom, we don't get carried away.

There is a difference between pushing for the truth or for justice and simply turning a real person's suffering into a meme.

Britney In Trouble?

Is Britney's Instagram all a facade in which she is forced to play a humiliating role?

It's possible, even if it's unlikely.

But even if it's true, filling her comments with conspiracy theory garbage wouldn't exactly set her free, would it? And if it's not the case ... why risk ruining her day?

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