Mackenzie Standifer Looks Completely Different In New Selfie: What's Going On With Ryan Edwards' Wife?

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In recent weeks, Teen Mom OG fans have had a lot to say about Mackenzie Standifer's appearance.

Specifically, they're concerned about Standifer's weight loss.

Mackenzie Standifer Weight Loss Pic

Now, some of these people are engaging in what's known as "concern-trolling," meaning they pretend to be worried Mackenzie's well-being, and they feel this entitles them to disparage her appearance.

It's irritating, but those people are better than the flat-out trolls, who have no qualms about bullying public figures on Instagram and make no effort to conceal their intentions.

These are the people who are always trying to outdo one another with their cruelty.

Mackenzie Standifer Drinking Water

They're the ones who suggest that Mackenzie must be doing Ryan Edwards' drugs, as there could be no other explanation for her slender physique,

Of course, Edwards has been battling addiction for most of his adult life, so that sort of remark is doubly painful.

Standifer welcomed her third child in January, and the fact is, some fans can't deal with how quickly she's bounced back to her pre-pregnancy form.

Mackenzie Standifer Works Out

The 23-year-old attributes her trim physique to diet and exercise, and we have no reason to doubt her.

But for whatever reason -- her continued association with the much-maligned Ryan being the most likely explanation -- a lot of people simply don't like Mackenzie, and they love to make their opinions known.

Fortunately, these days, the fans outnumber the haters on Mackenzie's page.

Mackenzie Standifer Models

Mackenzie posted the above photo earlier this week.

Apparently feeling that it speaks for itself, she opted not to include any sort of caption,

Were there some trash-talkers trying to bring her down?

Mackenzie Standifer With No Makeup

Yes, and sadly, that will probably the case on everything that she posts from here on out.

But the positivity overwhelmed the negativity this time, with some fans going so far as to suggest that Mackenzie should enter the world of modeling.

“At first I wasn’t a fan of yours. You grew on me. You’re a wonderful woman, mother, and wife! Very beautiful!” one user wrote.

Ryan and Mackenzie and Kids

“You should seriously get into modeling and get those beautiful children into modeling as well. N.Y. is calling! Gorgeous!” another added.

Others made remarks that were simpler and more to the point:

"Beautiful inside and out," one commenter wrote.

Mackenzie Standifer Snapshot

"Such a great picture of you," another chimed in.

Of course, there are those who are still theorizing that Mackenzie's slim physique is a sign of turmoil in her personal life.

The latest hypothesis seems to be that Standifer has trimmed down either because she's left Ryan or is about to:

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards

“Let me give you the social media divorce breakdown: Step #1 Get your body-snatched, Step #2 Get those new boobies, Step #3 Start posting more selfies, Step #4 Say goodbye to dead weight,” the account Teen Mom Mamma Drama tweeted, according to Heavy.

“I guarantee you had a friend that did this.”

There doesn't appear to be any real reason to believe that Mackenzie has left Ryan.

Of course, he's given her so many reasons to do so in the past that such a move wouldn't surprise us in the slightest.

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