Maci Bookout to Mackenzie Standifer: STFU About My Drinking & Work on Your Train Wreck Husband!

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We've seen some pretty wild Teen Mom feuds over the years.

But usually they involve someone who was mentally unstable from the very start, so it's not surprising to see one of the combatants go nuclear on her co-star.

(Yes, we're mostly totally talking about Jenelle Evans.)

Maci Bookout, on the other hand, has long been regarded as one of the most stable stars of the franchise.

So when she goes off on Mackenzie Standifer like she did this week, you can bet it was well-deserved.

Mack has yet to fire back at Maci, but knowing her temper, that probably won't be the case for much longer.

Folks, this situation between Ryan Edwards' wife and his ex is likely to get worse before it gets better.

Take a look and hold onto your butts.

1. Maci and Mack

Maci and Mack
Maci Bookout went OFF on Mackenzie Standifer in a recent interview. Her comments were a long time coming, as Mackenzie and husband Ryan Edwards have not been on their best behavior on the current season of Teen Mom OG.

2. Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom
Ryan has never been father of the year material, but somehow, he's coming off worse in this season than in the ones where he was in and out of jail the whole time.

3. Some Lowlights

Some Lowlights
We've seen Ryan show up to his son's birthday party late and seemingly intoxicated. Worse, we've seen him mercilessly mock 11-year-old Bentley on numerous occasions.

4. The Calorie War

The Calorie War
For Maci, it seems the final straw came when Ryan and Mackenzie both attacked her for placing Bentley on a strict diet so that he could maintain his weight for wrestling.

5. The Shade

The Shade
"At 11 years old, I don’t think introducing those habits at such a young age ends well, ever," Standifer said in a recent podcast interview.

6. Speaking Her Mind

Speaking Her Mind
“I know he definitely wants it. He works so hard … I just feel like he’s also pushed to the limit," Mackenzie continued.

7. Going Off

Going Off
Maci opened up about her feelings toward Mackenzie, Ryan, and their thoughts about her parenting methods in a new interview with Celeb Magazine, and it would be an understatement to say she didn't hold anything back.

8. Cutting Mack No Slack

Cutting Mack No Slack
'For someone who publicly claims season after season, episode after episode, that the show is completely FAKE and that editing is what shines the bad light on her and Ryan… I’m shocked it only took two scenes to change her opinion," Bookout said in response to Standifer's criticism.

9. Big-Time Irony

Big-Time Irony
"Now in Mackenzie’s opinion, the show is 100% authentic,” she added.

10. The Truth

The Truth
From there, Mackenzie confirmed what seemed obvious to many TMOG viewers -- Ryan and Maci spend very little time with Bentley.

11. Absentee Dad

Absentee Dad
“Considering they only spend a couple of hours a week around him and never show interest in showing up for more than one event a month…it’s fair to say that what they ’thought’ was wrong,” Maci said.

12. Hammering Her Point Home

Hammering Her Point Home
“And, I’ll say it again- this is making statements based on ignorance that never tell the truth," she added.

13. Not Cool

Not Cool
From there, Maci addressed one of the more controversial aspects of this season -- Mackenzie and Ryan's tendency to mock and bully Bentley.

14. Here We Go

Here We Go
During her interview, Mackenzie responded to the host's allegations of Maci slurring her words by responding, “I just hope everyone who needs help gets it." Needless to say, Maci didn't care for the insinuation.

15. Not Having It

Not Having It
“If I want to drink a glass of wine in a bathtub before bed or drink a beer while making dinner or with my dinner, I will,” Maci said.

16. Roasted

“If I want to indulge in an adult beverage in the comfort of my own home, on or off-camera… guess what? It’s legal, so I can…. FYI. Street drugs (heroin), non-prescription drugs, and slander are illegal,” Bookout added.

17. Yes, She Went There

Yes, She Went There
Obviously, that's a reference to Ryan's long battle with opioid addiction -- as well as Mackenzie's habit of making incendiary remarks in interviews.

18. Ouch

“Mackenzie would insinuate that the bulls--t she spits out of her mouth tastes good to just stay relevant… Her straw broke, and she’s still thirsty,” Bookout continued.

19. The Massacre

The Massacre
“And for someone who has only been around for a few years, Ryan’s 10th or so girlfriend (I lost count) since Bentley was born, rode without concern with a highly intoxicated driver to their shotgun wedding… She sure thinks her opinions actually matter to me, my son, or my husband,” Maci added.

20. Mic Drop

Mic Drop
Yes, Maci really threw it all the way back to when Ryan passed out while driving with Maci to their wedding. This girl's not messing around.

21. A New Allegation

A New Allegation
“For all the times she has made a point to say ‘Maci is the #1 trigger’ for Ryan as it pertains to his drug use, I’d like to know why she thought it would be a healthy and positive choice to send a copy of my book to Ryan while he was in jail?” Maci continued.

22. Bombshell

That's a serious allegation, but Maci assures fans she has the receipts.

23. Sandifer Against the Wall

Sandifer Against the Wall
“I dare her to deny doing that, because I have the proof," Maci added.

24. Enough

Clearly, like so many viewers, Maci has become fed up with seeing Ryan and Mackenzie undermine her parenting and mistreat her son.

25. A Change of Pace

A Change of Pace
That's what makes this TM feud so refreshing -- it's about the kids, just like the show was always supposed to be about. This isn't some petty Instagram beef -- Maci is in mama bear mode to protect her son.

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