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Mackenzie Standifer’s life in the spotlight hasn’t always been easy.

In fact, it’s been a living nightmare pretty much from the moment she was first introduced to Teen Mom OG fans.

Mackenzie Standifer With No Makeup
Photo via Instagram

Most of the problems, of course, have stemmed from Mackenzie’s marriage to Ryan Edwards, which seemed doomed from the start, but is still going strong against all odds.

Okay, "strong" might be a bit of an overstatement, but it’s definitely still going.

Anyway, Ryan and Mackenzie welcomed a daughter in January, their second together, and the third overall for both of them.

Mackenzie Standifer Edwards and Ryan Edwards

Thankfully, it’s been a while since Ryan was last arrested, and things seem to have stabilized for the Edwards family.

This means that for the first time since she’s been with her troubled husband, Mackenzie has a little time to focus on her children and herself.

Many 23-year-olds would be tempted to sneak in some partying, but Mackenzie has a pack of kids at home, and her time with Ryan has provided her with an unexpected crash course on the effects of too many good times.

Mackenzie Standifer: Ryan Edwards Doesn't Need Drug Testing! Maci Bookout is the Abusive Drunk Parent!!
Photo via Instagram

And so, she’s been devoting what little free time she has to much more productive pursuits.

Mackenzie has been working out like it’s her job and flaunting the results on Instagram!

Her latest pic shows Mack at her new second home — the gym.

Mackenzie Standifer Works Out
Photo via Instagram

She showed off her toned figure and offered some inspiration with a lengthy caption:

"Why do you get up in the morning? Why do you keep going when you want to quit? Why do you want to be a better you? Or why do you not?" she asked her 500 thousand followers.

"Why do you stand up for what you believe in? We all have to answer these questions. It’s up to us to decide why we want to do things," Mackenzie continued.

Ryan and Mackenzie and Kids
Photo via Instagram

"My ‘why’ is my family and my children. Be better. Be stronger. Be you. That’s my ‘why,’" she concluded.

She tagged the company that makes the water she’s posing with, so we guess this was a sponsored post.

Regardless, fans were far less interested in the water than in Mackenzie’s workout results.

Mackenzie Standifer Drinking Water

"Looking so good!!" one follower wrote.

"Wait! Where did you go?! You’ve lost weight and look great!!! What’s the secret?" another asked.

"How do you look so good after two babies pretty much back to back?!? Share your secrets!!" a third demanded.

Mackenzie Standifer Snapshot
Photo via Instagram

This was a common theme, with several followers begging Mackenzie for specifics:

"Can you share what you eat for a day please?" she asked.

Maybe one day she’ll publish a nutrition guide, but it seems that for now, Mack’s "secret" is lots of hard work.

Mackenzie Standifer Weight Loss Pic

The latest response is a far cry from just a few months ago when fans were concerned about Mackenzie’s weight loss.

The situation got so bad that Standifer had to clarify that she was not using Ryan’s drugs.

We guess this is yet another lesson about stardom in the Teen Mom universe:

Fans love a comeback story, but they’re also very slow to forget about past mistakes.