Ryan Edwards Has Left Rehab, Claims to Have Completed 90 Days

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Well, folks, what should be some fairly straightforward good news has been complicated by a tangle of rumors, rebuttals, and mistruths, but we're gonna go ahead and focus on the positive for a moment:

Ryan Edwards has checked out of rehab and is now back at home with his long-suffering wife and infant son.

As for when Ryan left treatment and whether or not he completed the entire 90-day program ... well, none of that is entirely clear at the moment.

Here's what we know so far:

1. Back With Mack!

Back With Mack!
Ryan's home! After a series of legal issues and drug-related mishaps, Ryan finally recognized the imporance of getting sober and decided to seek treatment.

2. Timeline Trouble

Timeline Trouble
When exactly he reached that decision is a matter of debate, but we'll get to that later.

3. Conflicting Reports

Conflicting Reports
Radar Online initially reported that Ryan quietly left treatment on Thanksgiving Day and was escorted home by his wife, Mackenzie Standifer.

4. Jen Clears the Air

Jen Clears the Air
However, speaking with The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Ryan's mother, Jen Edwards, claimed that the report was bogus, and Ryan was still in treatment.

5. Stating Her Case

Stating Her Case
"Ryan is not currently home,” she told the site. “Ryan will be leaving the exact day he is supposed to which is set by the facility."

6. Jen Ain't Playin'

Jen Ain't Playin'
“He is not leaving treatment early," Jen added for emphasis.

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