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Say what you will about the Silva twins, but Darcey and Stacey always have each other’s backs.

Together, the two are recalling how things went wrong between Darcey and Tom … and revealing that Tom actually did propose to Darcey.

Darcey and Tom

For context, there was a particularly indelible episode of 90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days last year.

In the episode, Darcey Silva and then-boyfriend Tom Brooks traveled to Albania to meet up with Stacey and her fiance, Florian Sukaj.

That trip was a disaster. Darcey ended up fighting with Stacey, then tearfully confessing that she didn’t feel like Tom really loved her after he expressed disgust at the drama.

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Now, speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Darcey and Stacey have revealed that Tom actually proposed to Darcey after they returned to their hotel.

"Yeah, there were some things that happened after that at the hotel room that nobody knows, but Stacey knows, and Florian," Darcey teases.

She continues: "We invited them over and someone was in an interesting, giddy mood because … you can say it, Stace."

Tom Brooks is Back!

Stacey reveals: "Yeah, there was a point later, um, early that morning where actually Tom had popped the question to Darcey."

"And it was just like," Stacey describes, "kinda out of left field."

That definitely sounds better than Tom’s dramatic offering of a house key in a ring box … but it wasn’t what Darcey wanted at all.

Darcey Silva Feels Conflicted

"I never gave him a response," Darcey now reveals, explaining why their story did not end very differently.

She adds that she did not give Tom an answer "because I didn’t trust him."

Darcey details: "He’d been drinking too. … I don’t know, we were all like, ‘What?’"

Tom Brooks Projects Sincerity

"I didn’t take him seriously." Darcey admits.

"I was kinda like, was he just trying to say this to make himself feel better about what just happened earlier that night?" she recalls suspecting.

"So, I was just like, if he’s gonna do it," Darcey says, "at least get on a knee."

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"But he was sitting in a chair with, you know, some champagne or something in his hand," Darcey says.

"You know what," she adds, "I know what I’m worth and what I deserve."

"So," Darcey reasons, "it was a blessing in disguise that I was like, ‘Uh, nope.’"

Tom Brooks Hands Over a Letter

"I’m not desperate Darcey here," Darcey insists, "so… don’t make me feel like one."

"I didn’t believe what he was saying," she explains.

"It was just one of his spiels," Darcey expresses, "is what it felt like."

Darcey Silva Has Mixed Feelings

Stacey feels the same way, noting: "Well, I guess he wasn’t serious because he didn’t talk about it the next day or ever since then."

It was after this that they returned to England, where Tom presented a key to his house to Darcey … which he put in a ring box and dramatically opened.

It wasn’t just a bizarre choice and an insult to the woman who was hoping at that time for an engagement — it was also an empty gesture. She was about to return to Connecticut.

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"It shifted, I was like, ‘Wow,’ you know?" Darcey recalls of the way that Tom seemed to treat her and their relationship.

"Sometimes he was more lovable off camera," she reflects. "On camera, it kind of felt like he had more of a facade."

"I’m thinking, why is he acting like this?" Darcey remembers wondering.

Tom and Darcey Silva

"I felt, you know, the other one [referring to Jesse, of course] was like that too a little bit," Darcey acknowledges.

"But," she notes, "I was always real no matter what."

"So," Darcey expresses, "that kind of confused me and that hurt, you know?"

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"We knew each other for a long time and having finally met in person, it was a journey we were all going on together," Darcey says in reflection.

"But," she adds, "I was glad that Stacey and Florian were there for me."

"It was always like you couldn’t understand what [Tom’s] demeanor was," Darcey recalls sadly. "And that’s why I got emotional."