Larissa Lima SLAMS Claims She Staged ICE Arrest: Stop the Death Threats!

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Many in the 90 Day Fiance fandom have heard the absurd rumor that Larissa Lima faked her own ICE detention.

That claim has been debunked, and Larissa is lashing out at the lies and the people who are sending her horrific death threats.

Larissa Lima in September 2020

"People are taking advantage of my situation," Larissa begins her Instagram post, "posting false information and making speculations."

"Since day one," she accurately recalls, "my name has been on the blast."

"Daily, I receive threats of all kinds, even rape and death," Larissa reveals, "written in words that would make any sane person go insane."

Larissa Lima is FREE

"It appears to have become an obsession and even an occupation for some people," Larissa suggests, "to constantly post about me in the most degrading and abusive ways."

She states: "What was just a site for fans of the show to vent, has turned abusive."

"Yes, I could fight them," Larissa recognizes, "get a restraining order if they are residing in the same state as me, if not it becomes a matter of FBI."

Larissa Lima Poses After Surgeries

"I know a handful of people that have overcome the obstacles that I am going through," Larissa expresses. "That gives me strength."

She then affirms: "It is also true that I have endless support and love from my family, my friends, and so many fans."

"It is this support that keeps me moving forward," Larissa tells her fans and followers.

Larissa Lima IG - statement on misinformation 01 of 02

"I want to explain everything that has happened in the recent, and in my past," Larissa announces.

"But," she acknowledges, "I'm struggling to come up with the right words to type that give my feelings justice."

"It is my desire to empower all women," Larissa emphasizes, "and stop the discrimination and stigma of those that work with agencies such as Onlyfans and camsoda."

Larissa Lima, Eric Nichols, and a U-Haul

"These platforms have helped millions of people going through the pandemic shutdown," Larissa says accurately.

"With my YouTube," she notes, "I will be able to tell my story and shed light for the immigration process I am experiencing."

"I've been gagged many times after telling my followers I am going to talk," Larissa says in conclusion. "Well, soon I'm removing that gag around me permanently."

Larissa Lima Flexes Her New Body

Right now, Larissa should be able to focus on the positive.

She just debuted her new body after five cosmetic surgeries -- two in February and three in August.

Her CamSoda stream -- one hour and fully clothed -- made her one of the Top 5 earners in the history of the cam site.

Larissa Lima IG CamSoda stream ad 14 September 2020

She and Eric also just moved from Vegas to Colorado Springs after purchasing a new home.

Already, they are getting to know their new neighborhood.

This week, they both shared their delight and amusement at the Halloween decorations that one of their more festive neighbors has erected.

Eric Nichols Hugs Larissa Lima Before a Skeleton Overlord

It is just a shame that her move -- and the story of it -- were marred by something as traumatic as being detained by an organization that shouldn't even exist in the first place.

Larissa's greatest fear is having her life turned upside down and being torn away from her new home and her career.

In just a few months, it will have been two years since her split with Colt Johnson, but in some ways she is still paying the price for his choices and behavior.

Larissa Lima Records a Message While On the Move

Still, we are encouraged by Larissa's new life in Colorado Springs, we are pleased by her advocacy for sex workers, and we are excited for all that she plans to share.

We hope that her YouTube channel doesn't mean that she won't be on 90 Day Fiance anymore, though. She is a staple of the franchise.

It's safe to say that a lot of people are curious to see how Larissa adapts to life in a very different city from Vegas ... and how her new neighbors respond to her.

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