Kailyn Lowry Takes Her Unvaccinated Kids Out In Public With No Masks, Gets Slammed as Covidiot!

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The coronavirus has been making headlines in America for more than half a year now, so unless you've been shipwrecked or lost in some sort of deep, underground cave that entire time, you know the proper protocols for keeping safe in public.

And as you're probably aware, there's a name for people who know the rules, yet choose not to follow them.

Lowry Pic

Now, we're sad to report that Kailyn Lowry is the latest celebrity to be branded a "Covidiot."

Usually, these are people who go out without masks, or otherwise take foolish risks and needlessly put themselves and the people around them at greater risk of infection.

Kail's offense is even greater than most, as she's being accused of putting her children in harm's way, as well as herself.

Kailyn Lowry Family Pic

As you probably know by now, Kail welcomed her fourth child last month.

Understandably thrilled by her new bundle of joy, Lowry has been eager to introduce little Creed to the world.

But some Teen Mom 2 fans think she's been overzealous in doing so, and has put her other children at risk in the process.

Kail and the Covid

One of Kail's recent Instagram Stories shows her at a barber shop with all four of her kids.

She's not wearing a mask properly, and her children aren't wearing masks at all!

The pic has made the rounds on Twitter, and for obvious reasons, Lowry is taking a ton of criticism today.

Kailyn Lowry with Some Kids

"Kail is a covIDIOT," tweeted a user who goes by the handle @ohmygodDUDEEE.

"You can tell her mask is under the nose, her kids don't have any and she just has an unvaccinated infant out and about at a barber shop.

In Kail's defense, Creed and Lux are too young for masks, but according to CDC guidelines, Isaac and Lincoln should be wearing masks any time they're out in public, as they appear to be in the photo.

Kailyn Lowry Introduces Creed

Many feel this disregard for public health and safety is part of an upsetting pattern for Kail.

They point out that Lowry is an anti-vaxxer, and at least two of her kids have received no immunizations against common childhood illnesses such as measles.

Kailyn has compared vaccine advocates to Nazis, even though all immunizations currently in common use in America have been extensively tested, and an overwhelming majority of medical professionals advise that all children be vaccinated for their own health, as well as for the safety of the children around them.

Kailyn Lowry is Grouchy

Lowry has stated that she will not have her children vaccinated against the coronavirus when such a vaccine becomes available. Yikes.

Ya know, we're generally pretty quick to defend Kail against overly-harsh social media criticism, but she's on her own with this one.

If, six months after a vaccine is introduced, we're still all walking around with masks on, you can thank people who get their medical information from Facebook memes instead of actual doctors.

Kailyn L

We still think she's one of the brightest and most conscientious of the Teen Moms, but it pains us to admit that Kail is one of those people.

It's disappointing.

Although really, we should be used to let-downs like this by now.

After all, 2020 has pretty much been one big disappointment after another.

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