Kailyn Lowry: I Nearly Got an Abortion While I Was Pregnant With Creed

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Earlier this month, Kailyn Lowry welcomed her fourth child.

While this was obviously a joyous occasion in the life of the Teen Mom 2 star, it also signaled the start of a very difficult time for Kail.

Lowry got pregnant by Chris Lopez, who has proved to be less than ideal in the co-parenting department.

Not only has Lopez been negligent toward his first child with Kail, Lowry was forced to get a restraining order against Chris following a domestic altercation.

So perhaps it's not surprising that Kail considered getting an abortion when she first learned she was pregnant.

Now, she's speaking out about that painful time in her life for the first time.

Take a look:

1. Pain Behind the Smile

Pain Behind the Smile
Kailyn Lowry is opening up about a very difficult chapter in her life. The Teen Mom 2 star says she considered getting an abortion while she was pregnant with her fourth child, Creed.

2. Bundle of Joy

Bundle of Joy
Kail is obviously thrilled to have welcomed baby Creed into the world, but she revealed this week that that very nearly didn't happen.

3. A Major Decision

A Major Decision
In a surprisingly candid interview with In Touch, Kail reveals that she considered getting an abortion after learning that she was pregnant for the fourth time.

4. A Tough Time

A Tough Time
She went so far as to show up to her appointment, but it seems she had a last-second change of heart.

5. Change of Heart

Change of Heart
“I went to the abortion appointment and, I just decided I wasn’t going to go through with it and I couldn’t do it,” Lowry told the outlet.

6. Bad Baby Daddy

Bad Baby Daddy
Not surprisingly, Kail says the main factor in her initial decision to abort the pregnancy was her tempestuous relationship with Chris.

7. A False Impression

A False Impression
Fans might be confused by the pics of Chris and his eldest son that seem to pop up regularly on social media, but Kail says Lopez is a negligent "Instagram dad," who's good at keeping up appearances.

8. No Father Figure

No Father Figure
She tells In Touch she was deeply concerned about raising another boy without a father figure, and she even felt that her tense relationship with Chris was interfering with her ability to raise her two oldest sons.

9. Imagining the Future

Imagining the Future
“I just was thinking about how, how it was going to affect my kids and what that looked like,” she said.

10. The Depths of Despair

The Depths of Despair
“You know, we went through so much when we had Lux and, you know, surrounding that whole pregnancy. And even up until now that it was like, how could I do this again?” Lowry asked herself.

11. More Lopezes

More Lopezes
In the end, it seems her desire for a larger family and a younger sibling for Lux prompted her to keep the baby.

12. Going Through With It

Going Through With It
“Ultimately … I wanted more kids and that was still something that mattered to me. And this was a full sibling for Lux and I’m, I am capable of raising another child on my own,” she told In Touch.

13. Going Public

Going Public
While she feels no shame about her decision-making process, Kail is apparently a litle worried about how Teen Mom 2 fans might react when she discusses it on the show.

14. Anticipating Criticism

Anticipating Criticism
“I think that people are going to look at it as like, how could she get on national television and talk about potentially having an abortion?” Kail asked.

15. A Complex Process

A Complex Process
“When, really, it was more than that. For me, it’s not just, you know, get an abortion or don’t, there’s a lot that goes into the decision," she continued.

16. Much to Consider

Much to Consider
"There’s a lot that surrounded the pregnancy that really, really affected the way that I was thinking and how I could possibly move forward in either decision," Lowry said.

17. Lending Support

Lending Support
Despite the complexity of her situation, Kail says she is “actually really afraid of how people are gonna perceive it,” but adds that she hopes to “help somebody in the process.”

18. A Source of Hope

A Source of Hope
“Maybe they’ll look at my situation and, and, and have hope and, and have an answer for themselves,” she went on to say. “So that’s kind of why I tried to be as transparent as I could.”

19. Not the Easy Thing, the Right Thing

Not the Easy Thing, the Right Thing
Kail she expects to take a lot of flak for being so candid, but she doesn't doubt that she did the right thing in speaking out.

20. A Strong Support Network

A Strong Support Network
“I know that the people in my everyday life are supportive in whatever I choose to do,” Kailyn said. “And, and that’s all I can really focus on.”

21. Hurdles Ahead

Hurdles Ahead
Kail's confident that she made the right decision, but that doesn't mean it's been all smooth sailing since Lux was born.

22. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
And not surprisingly, many of the challenges have involved Chris Lopez.

23. A Diagnosis

A Diagnosis
Earlier this week, one of Kail's followers asked her for “tips on how to coparent with a narcissist?” Lowry promptly replied, “… I need some tips on this topic as well …”

24. Never Easy

Never Easy
Sounds like she and Chris still have a long way to go before they're able to develop a civil co-parenting relationship.

25. Worth the Effort

Worth the Effort
But hopefully they'll keep trying for the sake of their two baby boys.

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