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One of Denise Richards’ many claims this season was that Brandi Glanville faked her evidence of their affair.

Now that the pre-reunion portion of the season has ended, Brandi is clapping back.

Brandi Glanville Would Like a Glass of Water

Denise Richards went on a wild and borderline-unhinged rant to Garcelle and Dorit this season.

As we saw a little over a week ago, she put forward the idea that, whatever Brandi had, must be fake.

She brought up the existence of an app that could fabricate fake messages.

It’s true that any tweet, text message, or DM can be fabricated, and there are free websites where you can do that quickly and easily.

But her friends were speechless at the suggestion that there was nothing more to Brandi’s story than some photoshopped texts.

Even Garcelle, who had supported Denise from day one, put her head in her hands in embarrassment at her friend’s desperation.

And everyone who was at Teddi’s baby shower saw Brandi’s texts.

It’s not like she and Denise were swapping nudes or sexting, from what we could see.

But, as Erika Jayne noted, the volume and duration of their messaging history spoke to a long-term, close friendship that contradicted Denise’s claims.

Taking to her Brandi Glanville Unfiltered podcast, the titular former Housewife is demolishing accusations that she fabricated texts.

“Everyone believes me because I’m telling the truth," she explains.

Brandi adds: "Denise was saying there’s this app [to alter texts], but anyone knows me knows I can barely use my iPhone."

Brandi Glanville at a Table

“And she’s saying she’ll show her texts," Brandi adds.

Additionally, she notes that even she knows that "you can delete them!” 

People delete texts all of the time — even without any sort of technical knowledge whatsoever.

Denise Richards and Brandi Glanville Throwback

Additionally, Brandi is addressing Denise’s conspicuous absense from the party on the finale — for her phony "family emergency."

“I thought she was going to come to the party," Brandi says.

She adds: "I thought she was someone who wanted to confront me."

Brandi has high aspirations for the future.

“Hopefully one day Denise and I can sit down. …" she expresses.

"I want to sit down with her," Brandi explains, "and I know if I went to the reunion she wouldn’t have gone."

Brandi speaks of the Reunion, noting that "It’s virtual so you can just leave."

The Reunion, which begins airing on September 2, did not feature Brandi — as she said, it may have been so that Denise would attend.

But all of that capitulating to Denise’s demands was for naught, because it appears that she gets up and leaves at one point anyway.

Brandi Glanville is Uneasy

With Denise continuing to deny everything from her affair with Brandi to any hint of an open marriage with Aaron, we cannot definitively say what happened.

However, many fans simply cannot believe Denise after her tears, attempts to sabotage footage, her wild claims to deflect attention, and the apparent inconsistencies in her story … or stories.

As some of her own friends and steadfast allies came to realize, her behavior was simply not adding up. That said … that’s not the same as proof that Brandi was telling the truth.