Kailyn Lowry Shares First Official Photos of Her New Baby!!!

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It's been a big week for Kailyn Lowry!

Well, a big week, summer, year, lifetime ... any of it works, really, things have been wild for her for a long time now.

Kail and Her Kids

But we say that it's been a big week because last week, Kailyn brought a whole entire human being into the world!

Yep, on July 30, Kail gave birth to a brand new baby boy.

We don't know the name yet, and it looks like neither does the Teen Mom 2 star herself - when she made the announcement, she said that she actually hadn't even picked out a name.

Kailyn Lowry, Placenta Drink

This was also the case with her third child, Lux, who wasn't given the name Lux until some time after his birth.

With #4, she did make sure we knew that they are "all healthy and so in love," so that's definitely the most important thing.

And we do know a couple of details, too!

Kailyn at the Salon

She had the baby at home at 2:47 p.m., and the (not so) little guy weighed in at eight pounds and 15 ounces at birth.

He measured 22.5 inches long. Big boy!

Her doctors had advised her to schedule an induction, but it doesn't look like that was necessary, which is great.

Kailyn Lowry Ready to Pop

There were actually a few concerns coming in.

She was worried a couple of months ago about the baby still being breech, and the 28-year-old Delaware resident also said at one point that the pregnancy was considered high risk.

And considering all the stress she was under with all the drama with Chris Lopez, the baby's father ...

Kailyn Lowry Bikini

Let's just say it sounds like a lot of things could have gone wrong, from the physical to the emotional toll.

And it's so wonderful to hear that all is well.

Best of all, thanks to some beautiful new photos Kailyn shared, we can see that everything is good, too!

Kailyn Lowry Bikini Action

She shared the baby photos exclusively with celebrity gossip tabloid Us Weekly, and y'all, they really are just precious.

Like, the baby photo equivalent of the Chelsea Houska pregnant announcement this week, which was equally amazing.

In one picture, we can see her holding the baby's tiny little hand.

Photo Credit: Us Weekly

In another, he snuggles up on Kail's chest.

Whether you've experienced such a thing as a mother or not, you can totally feel the emotions embedded in this image.

Pretty much as adorable as you can get:

Photo Credit: Us Weekly

The best photo though is one of all four of Kailyn's boys.

As you can see, middle child Lincoln holds the baby while youngest (second youngest?) Lux kisses his head and Isaac supervises.

So precious!

Photo Credit: Us Weekly

If that doesn't look like a happy brood of boys, we don't know what is. All smiles and kisses for he-who-has-yet-to-be-named.

Totally wonderful.

Interestingly enough, Teen Mom fans have noticed that in that photo, the baby is wrapped in a blanket that looks exactly like the one Lux had when he was a baby ...

Kail and Lux

The personalized one Kailyn used to reveal his name!

You can't make any of the letters out except for perhaps an E, but there's not really much guessing we can do with that.

Although, we do suppose that means she decided against naming her child after Jenelle Evans' ex-husband.

That's a relief to everyone involved.

Chris Lopez In Blue

For what it's worth, Chris just did an Instagram Live, and he said that he doesn't know what the baby's name is either.

It's also worth noting that Kailyn posted a poll on her Instagram story because Isaac wants to name the baby Jason.

For his part, Lincoln thinks his name should be Austin.

Kailyn L

We're not sure if she still hasn't picked out a name, if it's really down between those two, or if the whole blanket thing is even what we think its.

All we really know is that this is one super cute baby.

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