Kailyn Lowry: Chris Lopez Choked Me, and Now He's Lying About It

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The relationship between Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez has never been what you would call stable or healthy.

But just when we thought things couldn't get any uglier, the situation took a dramatic turn for the worse this week.

As The Ashley's Reality Roundup reports all started when Chris decided to start hosting Instagram Live Q&A sessions in which he opened up like never before about his tumultuous relationship with Kail.

When Kail learned that a second virtual press conference would be taking place this week, she chimed in with some questions of her own -- as well as some serious allegations that could land Lopez in big trouble.

Take a look:

1. Upping the Ante

Upping the Ante
Earlier this week, Chris Lopez made some surprising revelations about his relationship with Kailyn Lowry. Now, she's responded by accusing him of a shocking act of violence.

2. Tea Spillage

Tea Spillage
For no apparent reason -- and despite the fact that he's soon to square against Kail in court -- the usually camera-shy Chris decided to answer fans' questions on Instagram Live. And he did not have anything nice to say about his baby mama.

3. Pushed Away

Pushed Away
Things started off innocently enough, with Chris talking about recent comments made by Kail, including her claim that he will not be allowed in the delivery room for the birth of their second son, which could happen any day now.

4. Keeping His Distance

Keeping His Distance
“I stay out of the way,” Chris said during his latest Instagram Live. “If I get the call [to come to the birth], I get the call. If I don’t, I don’t. It is what it is at this point. I can’t stress it, bro.”

5. Shaking Things Up

Shaking Things Up
Needless to say, Chris didn't exactly come off as a Father of the Year candidate, but most of the people watching probably felt no better or worse about him than they had before. That is, at least, until Kail logged on ...

6. Angry Mom

Angry Mom
Apparently, Chris provoked Kail by mentioning their upcoming court date.

7. Everybody Hates Chris

Everybody Hates Chris
“I’ve got court comin’ up so I can’t say [anything]. I’m trying to stay free," Chris told his followers, despite the fact that he had logged on for the express purpose of sharing private information.

8. Big Yikes

Big Yikes
Chris’ court date stems from the Protection From Abuse that Kail filed against him in the fall of 2019.

9. Grassified Backside

Grassified Backside
“If I get another [PFA], my ass is grass boy,” Chris said. “When the courts open back up, my ass is grass.”

10. Kail Has Entered the Chat

Kail Has Entered the Chat
At that point, Kail logged on with some questions of her own. “What caused the PFA?” she asked.

11. Live Confrontation

“‘Cause I made her feel threatened,” Chris replied. “They felt threatened by me.”

12. Telling Her Side

Telling Her Side
From there, Kail threatend to "tell the story" of the incident that led to the PFA. “Don't put our business out there. I’ll tell ya that right now, bro," Chris responded. "I’m gonna check you right now at the door.”

13. No, It's Not

No, It's Not
“Don’t put our business out there. That’s for me if I decide if I want to put that s--t out there,” Lopez bafflingly argued.

14. Called Out

Called Out
At that point, Kail really went all in. “Check me where? Choke me again?” she commented.

15. True Courage

True Courage
Several of Chris' followers turned on Kail at that point, but we doubt she regrets what she said.

16. So the Bully Is the One Who ... Got Choked

So the Bully Is the One Who ... Got Choked
“You know what they say man? You know what they say about bullies? They usually like the person they’re a bully to,” Chris said, never actually denying the accusation. “I’m standing up to my bully. That’s what I have been doing this whole time. I ain’t scared of you no more.”

17. Mean Kail?

Mean Kail?
“She’s mean…I’m terrified of her,” Chris said at that point, but he quickly retracted the statement and noted that he was “just playin'”

18. Blast From the Past

Blast From the Past
At that point, several of Chris' followers recalled an incident in which Kail pushed ex-husband Javi Marroquin into a door on an episode of Teen Mom 2, but Lopez actually argued in her defense saying, “She’s not violent. That makes a [person] violent because they pushed someone? Nah.”

19. Lux Life

Lux Life
Asked why he doesn't fight harder for custody of his son with Kail, Chris lamely replied, “I shouldn’t have to fight for that s--t, but if you want to play that mind game to the very end…Everyone loves playing f--king games but not me.”

20. Absentee Dad

Absentee Dad
In his last Live, Lopez stated that he would be in the delivery room for the birth of his second son if he got a call from Kail, but he now admits that that would be a violation of the PFA.

21. No Choice In the Matter

No Choice In the Matter
“No I can’t get a call,” he said. “I was actually following my order, what’s the difference when you got me locked up? I wouldn’t be able to reach out, make it to the birth? You wanted me locked up. Me following my order and me being locked up, what’s the difference?”

22. Unconcerned

Chris went on to argue that his current spat with Kail will blow over. “This is the way we work things out, she talks her s--t to me, I let her get it out. This time I am not reacting,” he said.

23. Yes, He's Really Blaming It on the Hormones

Yes, He's Really Blaming It on the Hormones
“I’ll probably reach out to her in a minute, if she ain’t block me already. I’m gonna say hi, are you hungry? Do you feel better? I know it’s the hormones," he added.

24. Of Course Not

Of Course Not
From there, a fan encouraged Chris to “wrap it up,” prompting Lopez to admit that he “probably won’t listen to ya.”

25. "Proud" Is a Funny Word to Use There

"Proud" Is a Funny Word to Use There
“I am proud getting her pregnant twice. I got two kids by the same person, I am very proud of that,” he added.

26. A Proud Role

A Proud Role
Chris added that he would've liked to have a family with Kail, but now accepts his "role as her sperm donor."

27. Shade!

“I would want all my kids to have the same mom, I would love to, but crazy people, it’s crazy out here,” he said, possibly in reference to Kail's multiple baby daddies. “I had intentions of being a family, but, hey life goes on…I’ve thought about getting a vasectomy, especially now, but I want a daughter. But this ain’t worth it.”

28. It Never Ends With This Guy

Chris concluded by arguing that Kailyn regularly plants false stories about him in the press. Specifially, he claims that she feeds inaccurate information to The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

29. Don't Stoop

Don't Stoop
Kail has yet to respond to these allegations, and frankly, why should she acknowledge them? This is just more whining from a guy who's making a career out of playing the victim.

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