Chelsea Houska: Check Out My Cute Little Baby Bump!

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Did you hear the big news earlier in the week?!

Chelsea Houska is PREGNANT!

Chelsea Houska Fashion

Yes ... with her FOURTH CHILD! Wow!

This is a big deal for a lot of reasons.

One, we so dearly love our Teen Mom gossip, and a pregnancy is obviously a huge bit of news, but it's often difficult to enjoy a Teen Mom pregnancy announcement because there's usually just so much chaos involved.

Chelsea Houska in a Gold Blazer

Considering that Chelsea is without a doubt the most stable cast member in the entire franchise, we can just gush and enjoy feel-good celebrity gossip without the concern, and isn't that nice?

It's also a big deal because this is, as we said, going to be her fourth baby, and can you even imagine?

Chelsea Houska With Son Watson

She already has 10-year-old Aubree, three-year-old Watson (above), and baby Layne, who will be two later this month.

She and her adorable husband, Cole DeBoer, have also been working hard on building their dream home.

So, yeah, they'll definitely have their hands full!

Cole DeBoer In the New House

Speaking of their dream home, it played a big part in the pregnancy announcement that Chelsea shared on Instagram.

Do you want to see it again?

Of course you do, it's precious.

The announcement was a simple photo of an unfinished wall in the new house, and on the wall she'd written out the names of her family members.

Chelsea's pregnancy announcement

So there was Cole, Chelsea, Aubree, Watson, Layne ... and then at the bottom of the list, she wrote "Baby" with a cute little heart.

Honestly, it's cute to the Nth power.

In the caption she wrote for the photo, she said that the baby is due early next year, so she probably just started her second trimester.

Chelsea and Cole De Boer Pic

Meanwhile, Cole reposted the photo and said that this baby is "the grand finale."

They've previously said they only wanted one more kid after Layne, so it's not hard to read between the lines on this one.

He he did add "we think" in parentheses, plus a winky face, so they could very well go on to have just oodles and oodles of babies.

Chelsea Houska: Pregnant With #4?

And if they did, could you really be mad about it?

After she made the initial announcement, Chelsea hopped on her Instagram story to talk about it a bit.

She acknowledged the rumors that had been going around, how people had thought she might be pregnant because she hadn't been active on social media and how that was clearly the case.

Happy Houska

The reason she hadn't been around, she explained, was that she's a bad liar and she didn't want to give any hints about the pregnancy, or slip up and reveal it before she was ready.

That can be a tall order when you have 5 million followers!

She also said that she had a baby bump already, which she seemed a little surprised about before pointing out that after having three other kids, a bump is just bound to show up earlier.

Chelsea on Point

She didn't show it off then, but now she's gone and shared a photo of what her belly is looking like these days.

And it's SO CUTE.

You can see the adorable reveal below. She captioned the photo with a simple "Hiiiii little babe."

Chelsea's Baby Bump #4

The comments were filled with tons of well wishes and congratulations, but surprisingly there were also a considerable amount of negative comments.

"Omg ya just popping babies left to right just for TV," one person commented.

Another wrote "Take care of the ones you have quit having so many damn kids you can't afford."

Chelsea Houska Wears Shorts

Some people even criticized her for announcing the pregnancy just after Kailyn Lowry announced that she'd had her baby.

(Even though Kailyn herself congratulated her and didn't seem even a little annoyed.)

Chelsea's neither having kids she can't afford, nor stealing Kail's thunder ... but people are idiots.

Chelsea Houska and Fam

As true fans know, Chelsea has always seemed to truly love being a mother, so we doubt she's having babies just for the sake of a Teen Mom storyline.

And again, there's absolutely no indication that she and Cole can't afford their kids, so it's hard to imagine where that kind of thinking even comes from.

Jealousy, maybe?


Whatever the case, Chelsea looks thrilled to be having another baby, and so does Cole, and everyone is obviously well taken care of.

So let's say it one more time: congrats, girl!

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