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Say what you will about Kailyn Lowry, the woman doesn’t hold much back from her fans.

Whether she’s talking about her difficult childhood or the abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of.Chris Lopez, Kail has no qualms about grappling with her problems publicly.

Kailyn Lowry is Grouchy

As you’re probably aware, Lowry is currently pregnant with her fourth child.

She had been planning on a home birth — something she never even attempted with her first three children — but that may be an impossibility for reasons that are beyond her control

Lowry opened about the factors that make her fourth pregnancy such a perilous one during the latest episode of her Coffee Convos podcast.

Kailyn Baby Bump

“I am at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been — before I got pregnant and then obviously now while I’m pregnant,” Kail explained to co-host Lindsie Chrisley, according to Us Weekly.

“So that’s been a little hard, but also I haven’t had any real complications," she continued.

"Like, I just haven’t. My glucose is good. All my stuff is good. So I went into the doctor today and I saw a new doctor.”

Kailyn Lowry Claims Chris Lopez Abused Her in Shocking Leaked DMs

Kail has stated in the past that her fourth pregnancy has been her most difficult.

But this is the first time she’s been so candid about the exact reasons that her doctors are concerned.

"I know that I’m anemic and I’ve known that I’m anemic for years, but he was telling me how he wanted to make sure I was taking my iron and I said, ‘Yeah,’ and he told me that with every pregnancy you lose more blood, which is new to me,” she told Chrisley.

Kailyn Lowry Bikini Action

“Why is this the first time that I’m hearing this with baby number four at over 37 weeks?”

Kail went on to say that the possibility of complications during delivery will likely prevent her from undergoing a home birth.

"This is now the third doctor that’s giving me a different reason for why I should be induced instead of home birth,” she said.

Kailyn Lowry on Video

“And then on top of it said, ‘Because you’re anemic, because you lose more blood with every baby, we wouldn’t want to see you get a blood transfusion.’”

Unsatisfied with that diagnosis, Kail stated that she plans to consult with yet another doctor.

“I’m gonna go confirm,” she stated.

Kailyn Lowry Baby Bump Photo

“I have a ‘high-risk doctor’ or whatever. The only reason why I’m high-risk at this point is because of my weight, and everything seems to be fine.”

Giving birth during a global health crisis is obviously a daunting prospect on its own.

But now, Kail is being informed told to expect complications for a number of reasons.

Kailyn Lowry and Trio of Kids

On top of everything else, this is the first time that Lowry will be completely single when her child enters the world.

It remains to be seen, of course, if the birth will take place at a hospital or at home.

But no mater what happens, Kail has made it clear that she does not want Chris Lopez in the delivery room.

Kailyn and Her Family

Lowry filed for a restraining order against Lopez — who is also the father of her third child — right around the time she became pregnant with her fourth.

In addition to the abuse allegations against him, Chris stands accused of being a deadbeat dad who has offered Kail nothing in the way of support during her current pregnancy.

Obviously, it’s frightening that there are so many risk factors involved in Kail’s third trimester.

But from sound of things, the birth will just be the beginning of the new complications in her life.