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This week, we reported that Jamie Lynn Spears is the trustee of Britney Spears’ massive fortune.

A new report sheds light on why Britney made this choice — one of the few decisions that she is permitted to make at this time.

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Multiple outlets got their hands on court documents related to Britney Spears.

Last week, her younger sister Jamie Lynn submitted a court filing.

These documents affirm that she is the current trustee of Britney’s estate.

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In the filing, Jamie Lynn requests that the "assets of the SJB Revocable Trust be moved into one or more accounts with fidelity Brockerige Services."

The papers add that this should be done "with her as the custodian."

This request is reported to be pending approval from a judge.

Britney Spears Hugs Jamie Lynn Spears
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So, when the approval is granted, Jamie Lynn will be offically made reponsible for dispensing Britney’s estate.

This happens only if Britney should tragically die.

The estate would then go to Britney’s sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, to be dispensed to them in a responsible manner.

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Notably, this filing does not appear to be directly related to Britney’s ongoing conservatorship battle.

For 12 long years, Britney’s freedoms have been curtailed and her finances supervised by her conservators, including her widely reviled father.

This may be officially unrelated, but Britney’s legal status and financial interests are under massive public scrutiny and will remain so as long as she cannot control her life.

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An inside source in Britney’s orbit spoke to E! News on the topic.

"Britney trusts Jamie Lynn," the insider notes, "and knows that she is extremely responsible and reliable."

The source adds: "It makes sense that she would be the trustee."

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"Jamie Lynn is very loyal and protective of Britney," the insider affirms.

The source adds: "There’s no doubt she always has Britney’s best interest at heart."

We are glad that the famous sisters have such a close bond.

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"They are best friends and Britney’s closest confidant," the insider characterizes their relationship.

The source adds: "She is the perfect person to make financial decisions should anything happen to Britney."

We will, of course, continue to hope that nothing bad whatsoever happens to Britney, now or at any time in the future.

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As we previously reported, Britney suffered a heartbreaking setback earlier this month in her quest for even an ounce of independence.

The judge temporarily extended her conservatorship until February 2021.

That is, admittedly, only a handful of months away … but after 12 years under her awful father’s thumb, many imagine that Britney is feeling impatient.

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Through her attorney, Britney filed papers with the court to express her desire for Jodi Montgomery to act as her conservator, in a permanent capacity.

Jodi, a qualified corporate fiduciary, stepped in when Britney’s dad, Jamie, stepped down for "personal health reasons."

According to court documents, Britney is "strongly opposed" to having her father remain as her conservator in any capacity.

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That comes as no real surprise to those who have been following Britney’s story.

Last year, Jamie allegedly broke down a door during an altercation with Britney’s older son, Sean Preston, reportedly shaking him in the process.

Kevin Federline — more free to act than Britney — reported the boys’ grandfather. But the protective action did not stop there.

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First, Britney quickly agreed to adjusting the visituation schedule so that her sons would be out of harm’s way and at Kevin’s, where her father’s conservatorship holds no sway.

More importantly, Kevin took out a restraining order to protect both of his sons from their maternal grandfather.

The order will last for three years. Fans hope that, given Jamie’s poor health, it will protect the boys for the rest of his life.