Christine Brown Reveals $450,000 Medical Bill; Sister Wives Fans Blame Kody for Lack of Insurance

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As has been well documented on this celebrity gossip website, Christine Brown is desperate for money these days.

She's doing all she can to raise money for her teenage daughter's surgery, even begging fans to assist because her spiritual husband apparently isn't capable of helping in any way, shape or form.

Christine Brown Smiles

Seriously, Kody Brown has buried his loved ones in debt.

We've known this for awhile, but we always thought the family's monetary issues were related to Kody's awful real estate investments.

Now, however, we've learned that there's a lot more to it.

Christine Brown and Kody

During a Facebook Live earlier this week, Christine revealed she took her youngest daughter 10-year old daughter, Truley, to the hospital when she was three years old.

At the time, way back in 2014, the TLC personality feared the little girl had come down with a serious case of the flu.

However, she actually had acute kidney failure and and dehydration, resulting in a harrowing 11-day hospitalization.

Because Christine and Kody didn’t have insurance? The former was left with $450,000 in medical bills.

Christine Brown in a Jacket

To this day, Christine still receives phone calls from debt collectors, asking her to fork over what is owed, which partly may explain why Christine is now trying to sell vitamins and looking for any way she can to raise some cash.

Back to 2014, however, which is the year Kody married Robyn and seemingly started to leave his other Sister Wives behind.

He really also left them (and his young kids!) with no insurance?!?!?

Fans are aghast by this revelation.

Christine Brown on Facebook Live

"They live in half million to million dollar homes but can't afford health insurance?" one disgusted user wrote in response to Christine's video, adding:

"[Kody] needs to be paying child support instead buying a million dollar home for [Robyn]."

That's sort of a good, often-overlooked point.

Kody is legally only married to Robyn... and yet he has over a dozen children with his other three spouses. And he isn't obligated to pay anything to them at all for these kiids.

Christine Brown is Very Sadd

Along similar lines, another fan wrote the following about this unfair situation:

“[Truley] existed before [Robyn]’s kids. Don't make more babies if you can't afford to take care of the ones you have.”

And then there was this absolute thrashing of Kody:

"This is so ridiculous they are living high on the hog and no medical insurance for the children. WHAT??? Where are their brains!!!  Oh I forgot they don't use them."

Christine Brown and 2 Kids

In June, Christine told folks she needs $50,000 for a down payment on her daughter’s surgery.

As far as we know, Kody did not contribute anything at all to this procedure.

The best guess as to why? He simply can't afford to do so, not after purchasing two homes and a big piece of property in Arizona AND taking out multiple mortgages on multiple houses.

"So they spend massive amounts of money on homes and land but don’t insure your family," one another commenter.

"They just keep having one kid after another that they don’t properly care for them. Ridiculous!!!"

Christine Brown Shows Off

Pretty hard to argue with this point, isn't it?

Kody has said nothing at all in public about Christine's debt. Or his own financial malfeasance.

It's no secret, though, that things are not going well.

"Financially, we’re drowning," Christine said early in the just-completed Sister Wives season, with Kody at least acknowledging some blame for the trouble.

"Basically we’re paying four, no five mortgages with the Coyote Pass property," he said on air.

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