Kody Brown and Meri Brown: All the Signs It's Over (For Real)

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Let's get this out of the way up front:

Kody Brown and Meri Brown are legally divorced. They split up years ago in order for Kody to marry fourth wife Robyn Brown and adopt her children.

And yet, these two have been operating as a married couple, raising kids together; starring on Sister Wives together; and talking about each other like a spouse, even if it's just been of the spiritual variety.

But this really isn't the case any longer.

It hasn't been for awhile, to be honest.

Neither Meri nor Kody has confirmed any sort of romantic split, but scroll down, will ya?

You'll soon see all the reasons to strongly believe this relationship is dead, over, kaput and long gone...

1. Thirty Years, Schmirty Years

Thirty Years, Schmirty Years
Meri and Kody tied the knot in April 1990. But when the date of their 30-year wedding anniversary came around in 2020... crickets. Neither side made any reference on social media and the two did not celebrate together.

2. She's Always the Victim!

She's Always the Victim!
Heading into the latest season of Sister Wives, we had a feeling things were amiss between the pair, as previews depicted Kody trashing Meri to Robyn, saying she always acts like a victim and is always whining.

3. He Always Sucks!

He Always Sucks!
On the season itself, Kody and Meri clashed incessantly over the former urging the latter to get on board with his plan to build one giant mansion for the family... and Meri refusing to actually get on board.

4. Don't Take Our Word for This Split, Though

Don't Take Our Word for This Split, Though
Just think back to what Meri and Kody themselves have said about their marriage.

5. What Am I Doing Here?

What Am I Doing Here?
"People ask me all the time why I don’t leave," Meri said during a couples therapy session that aired in early 2020, prior to admitting: "The relationship between he and I is gone, it’s dead, it’s over."

6. Who is This Woman?!?

Who is This Woman?!?
Kody then explained how they had a “very fast courtship" and basically said he regretted ever marrying Meri: "I didn’t know who I was marrying. I am just done with hearing how I am wrong."

7. The Couple Clashes

The Couple Clashes
In another scene from the episode, Kody said: “We’re family, but we’re not acting married," to which Meri replied: "He doesn’t want to move forward with trying to work things out with me.” And then there was this from Kody: "I can never be honest because she’s unable to move away from being the victim."

8. Kody Comes Right Out and Says It

Kody Comes Right Out and Says It
"Meri mourns the loss of what we had… I regret what we had," Kody said on an episode this spring, adding: "I feel like I was deceived into a relationship that was very different than what I expected. Meri and I had a fast courtship with a lot of expectations and a lot of not communicating. I didn’t know who I was marrying. As things unfolded, I started to become troubled and bitter by the situation I was in."

9. He Said THAT?!?

He Said THAT?!?
Yes. Koody really said this.

10. Meri, the Perpetual Troll

Meri, the Perpetual Troll
Meri has not shared a photo on social media with Kody in many, MANY month. She has, however, shared quite a few crypical and pointed quotes.

11. Such As?

Such As?
"You don’t always need a plan. Sometimes you just need to breathe, trust, let go, and see what happens. Only when we are brave enough to explore the darkness will we discover the infinite power of our light."

12. There's Been So Many Others, Too

There's Been So Many Others, Too
"Remember to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup... Self care. I’m feeling in need of this today," Meri has also written.

13. I Don't Need Kody, You Guys!

I Don't Need Kody, You Guys!
"Whether with my business associates or in my personal life, I can't force anyone to be who they're not, feel how they don't feel, or meet me anywhere they're not willing or able to meet me," Meri recently wrote, in a very revealing post. "And that's ok. I'll be here for them when they are."

14. Kody Can't Control My Happiness!

Kody Can't Control My Happiness!
She continued: "I can only control me and how I respond or react to any given situation. I make my own choices and I'm responsible for them. They say life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. My reactions aren't always the best, and that doesn't define me. But I'm still in the game. I haven't quit."

15. Who Am I? My Own Person!

Who Am I? My Own Person!
Take THIS Kody! "Living life on a daily basis, working hard, dreaming big. Because that's what I do. That's what I'll always do. That's who I am," Meri has also said.

16. Perhaps Most Telling of All?

Perhaps Most Telling of All?
Meri has posted a number of seemingly revealing quotes and messages, but Kody has said nothing at all. He hasn't tried to apologize and he hasn't tried to defend his romance in any way at all.

17. For Shame, You Shamer!

For Shame, You Shamer!
Meri barely made it any secret with this meme, stating for the record that Kody never even tried to comfort her during the down times and fantasizing about someone who would actually be there for her.

18. Will There Ever Be a Formal Break-Up?

Will There Ever Be a Formal Break-Up?
Probably not. These two can live separate lives and then only act alongside each other for a few hours at a time when new episodes of Sister Wives film.

19. Will They Ever Date Anyone Else, Though?

Will They Ever Date Anyone Else, Though?
Also seems unlikely. Meri actually tried to in 2016, only to be humiliated in public because she got duped (aka catfished) online by a woman pretending to be a man.

20. I'm Moving Forward!

I'm Moving Forward!
Once again, Meri did not mention Kody by name here. But to what else, aside from her marriage, could she be referring when she talks about moving forward?

21. If It Is To Be...

If It Is To Be...
... it is up to me. Meri also posted this meme in June 2020, emphasizing how she's been through Hell with Kody, but that she's the one in control of her destiny and how she handles the response.

22. So, What's Next for Kody and Meri?

So, What's Next for Kody and Meri?
Maybe another season of their show, but that's up in the air at the moment. For now, it seems inevitable that fans will continue to speculate about Meri and Kody's status, while each just lives her/his life and basks in the attention that all this speculation brings.

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