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In recent months, Joy-Anna Duggar and husband Austin Forsyth have chosen to take a half-step away from the spotlight.

The couple still updates their massive fan base on social media, but they’re not nearly as exposed as they were just last year.

Joy-Anna and Austin have quit Counting On, and it seems they’re planning to focus on less high-profile pursuits such as house-flipping and making babies.

But first things first — Joy is still pregnant with her second child, and it seems her due date has come and gone with no sign of a new bundle of joy.

In the future, Joy may choose to step away from public life entirely, but for now, she’s commiserating with fans about her never-ending pregnancy.

Joy-Anna at 40 Weeks

“Happy due date, baby!” Joy captioned the above photo this week.

“We are just here impatiently awaiting your arrival! Meanwhile, your brother thinks my bump makes the perfect chair!”

Yes, little Gideon seems to be quite literally taking comfort in Joy’s ongoing pregnancy — but he might be the only one.

Joy’s pregnancy has been a stressful one for a number of reasons, and while she’s been able to keep the mood light on her Instagram page, we’re sure this is a tense time in the Forsyth household.

As you’ll likely recall, Joy-Anna suffered a miscarriage last year, and she’s reportedly been extra concerned and cautious this time around.

On top of that, Joy has spent most of her pregnancy socially-distancing from the rest of her family.

Joy-Anna Duggar is Very Pregnant

Now, she’s facing the prospect of giving birth with only her husband in the room.

These are unheard of circumstances for the Duggar clan, who usually packs an entire ward of the hospital with anxious well-wishers.

“It’s just going to be Austin and I,” Joy recently said about the delivery.

“I’m torn because [of] all this COVID stuff, which I totally understand why, but it’s just hard because my mom’s not going to be able to be there, and my sisters aren’t going to be able to be at my birth,” she added. 

Of course, the Duggars carry a lot of clout in the Springdale area of Arkansas, and Joy is hoping special arrangements can be made:

“Hopefully, maybe, we can get a room with a window, and maybe they can come see her through the window," she said.

"That would be really special if they can at least see her the day she was born.”

Whatever the case, Joy knows that her family will be there in spirit, and she says her loved ones have been as supportive as ever throughout the pandemic.

“My parents have always been there," Joy remarked recently.

And to their credit, we’re sure that will continue to be the case.

Jim Bob probably wasn’t thrilled with Joy’s decision to walk away from the family media empire, but she’s been more loyal to his rules and bizarre worldview than some of his other daughters.

So whether or not the patriarch is able to be present when his latest grandbaby enters the world, we’re sure Joy and her young family will be well taken care-of in the years to come.